69 days doing nofap but fapped !

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  1. hello everyone my story is long now i can’t tell u all my story i want to share it when i make my streak bigger but
    It is been 69 days I am continuing this streak
    I have had 2 long streaks before the first one was from 16/7 after 4 days i found nofap and I decided to do 30 days but i made it 43
    And second streak was 33 days
    But this streak the 3rd i really started on name of hardmode
    But 2 times i relapsed automatically when i had wet dream and i had 3 wet dreams 2 of them I automatically relapsed when i was sleeping and i know i am relapsing when orgasm coming out and I didn’t watch porn and i will not do M when i am under my control means not slept
    But really i have some good benefits like
    1-Eye contact my biggest problem ever i had i never know why i can’t make eye contact until i find nofap so now i can make it
    2-deeper voice (now my voice is deeper and some people like it )
    3-i was full of energy but because of sleep relapsing i lost some of my energy
    4-changed the way of thinking and i do much better than before
    5-learn things easy or more focus on things
    6-sharper thinking sometimes i feel like i am genius
    7-much more confident before I haven’t confidence to talk with strangers but noe it is easy like drinking water
    8-now i want to make money and i am making before I wasn’t like now
    And many more benefits
    That is just some benefits of a 17 year old boy watching P for 4 years of life and doing M
    And some times i did M for 2/3/4 times
    Sorry for my english maybe on 1/1 i can share my 90 days full report
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    From what I understand, wet dreams are not relapses bro
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  3. Wet dream is not a relapse as its not intentional, you can continue your streak
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  4. But i M without my control
    Maybe they aren’t because I haven’t any brainfog
  5. Yes all say that but after that my enerygy levels gone down
    And haven’t brainfog
    Ok i am continuing i am sure i can survive and don’t M another time in life
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