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  1. Saitama999

    Saitama999 Fapstronaut

    Day 4/90
    This is where things start becoming more difficult
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  2. Dogsong7

    Dogsong7 Fapstronaut

    Pretty easy going Day 2

    For anyone else who needs to hear it- Keep going! You’ve got this!
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  3. Anew2019

    Anew2019 Fapstronaut

    0 days PMO
    0 days no pop
    5 days no alcohol. 1 14 day streak.
    44 days no social media.
    No rosary.

    Fell. Feel like crap and am grumpy. Had a bunch of pop and junk pizza. No good. Adds to the crappy feelings.

    The only place I get to much sugar from is pop. I am addicted to it. Need to stop pop. Does not help this NOFAP thing.
    Going to change my daily Rosary to a daily chaplet of divine mercy. Does not take as long. Build up to a Rosary later.

    I have zero discipline. I can't get myself to do things for more than a few days. I am wanting to be whiny and say I hate my life. I am so full of anger right now! I wrote some toxic angry things. I deleted them. This is not healthy. This is toxic. Time to breathe.

    Have a posture correcting thing I bought some time back. A thing you lay on. Been doing that the last few days. Hopefully I keep that up. Just saw what is holding me back from doing things every day. It is my internal fight with my controlling brother. He and my mom have that muchcontrol over me. Even when they are not there. That is straight up abuse. They mademe so unsure of everything I thought and decided. They don't control me anymore.

    Nobody controls me. I am ahuman being. I am not to be controlled. No wonder I can't control myself. Everyone has always controlled me. Itmakes me sick.

    Time to diaphram breathe for 15 minutes. Then a cup of tea.Then off to work. All will be well
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  4. Andrew Snow

    Andrew Snow Fapstronaut

    Day 1/90. Staying busy. Glad to have the support of those around me.
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  5. Majik

    Majik Fapstronaut

    3 days done. A REALLY full day! Just got home super late. Supposed to be going for a hike with a friend in the morning....hope I hear my alarm!:emoji_laughing:
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  6. Nines

    Nines Fapstronaut

    Hang in there dude, you'll find your rhythm. I've been learning that I need to get out of my own head-space sometimes. To do that, I started using something simple and immediate that grabs my attention. Something fun. When was the last time you thought about doing something for fun? When was the last time you did something for fun, something simple?

    P.S. thanks for the daily laugh. I can't help but to chuckle every time I see your avatar pic.
  7. Nines

    Nines Fapstronaut

    19 days without an incident and I reached my personal goal today.

    30 days without an accident!
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  8. Anew2019

    Anew2019 Fapstronaut

    Thank you Nines. :) No. I don't think I have. I think I will start doing that. I will try and think of things. Thank you.

    Yeah. I like how you say I will find my rhythm. I have not had any sort of structure or rhythm for the last decade. Been working in an industry where there is no steady work. Get laid off when jobs are done, never knowing when I will be laid off or when I will find another job. Just get into a rhythm and then get laid off. I am ubering now. I need to find a shift and stick with it. Do the things I love every day. Get into a nice structured life for once. That sounds awesome.

    Hahaha No problem for the daily laugh. Lol I am glad it is making people chuckle. Lol

    Thank you my friend. I will get there. Thank you for the reassurance and encouragement.
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  9. Nines

    Nines Fapstronaut

    This is inspiring.
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  10. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut

  11. Jane elise

    Jane elise Fapstronaut

  12. testwarz

    testwarz Fapstronaut

    Ty ty bro!
    . It has been one day at a time for me. Here is my day 0 post from June 6.

    Time flies and here we are. No pmo or peeking testing edging etc. posting every day has helped me a lot and trying to boost and inspire others..
  13. Harrylucid

    Harrylucid Fapstronaut

    Day 60
    One day at a time and one urge at a time.
    All the best guys.
    Have a great time.
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  14. testwarz

    testwarz Fapstronaut

    Gratz on the 2 months dude!! Well on your way to 90 days and beyond.. look fwd to sharing the journey with you :emoji_thumbsup:
  15. hytrix

    hytrix Fapstronaut

  16. bakes

    bakes Fapstronaut

    Which is an opportunity to see how far you can actually get. Like a little experiment.
  17. bakes

    bakes Fapstronaut

    Today I dreamed about a kid that died 11 years ago the same night. That day I was sad but didn't cry. I chose to drink myself to oblivion. Today after the dream my tears poured like rain. And it was raining like crazy last night as well. Today marks exactly 5 years sober from alcohol. I had an urge after crying and something that felt like a chaser effect. I suppose tears also generate some chemical in the brain. In a few words I know I don't have to fap today or drink. I can live my life; mourn my passed friends and enjoy spending time with the ones I have now.
    Thank you nofap for this awesome community.
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  18. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher Fapstronaut

  19. aragorn1

    aragorn1 Fapstronaut

  20. Babansardar

    Babansardar Fapstronaut

    day 1/90
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