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  1. Titu

    Titu Fapstronaut

  2. lookingtochange

    lookingtochange Fapstronaut

    Think about what worked well for you and what didn't! I think each time you relapse you can learn something new. Good luck this time around.
  3. lookingtochange

    lookingtochange Fapstronaut

    Day 4/90. Today was another good day. I'm finally starting to get excited about the little things again. Before I would think of things I could do to "distract" me from feeling bad, and now I'm legit excited to watch a tv show or learn a new language. It's nice to feel my feelings again. I also feel like I am much more aware of my mind. I hung out with some people today, and I've noticed before I get kind of sad for a while after I leave people if I'm just going to be by myself afterwards. This happened again today, but I expected it so it didn't feel like such a huge mood swing. That's one of my vulnerabilities to relapses. Anyways another good day and I'm excited for what tomorrow brings.
  4. Bobske

    Bobske Fapstronaut

    Just get up and keep going. You can do this, however long it takes!
  5. Bobske

    Bobske Fapstronaut

    24 days, 576 hours of the rest of my life
    14 days of Yoga
    1 week running, 3 times *5 km

    Slowly adding stuff as not to try too much at the same time and fail all.
  6. Jiminy Cricket

    Jiminy Cricket Fapstronaut

    Recommitting. I going to keep a journal, and won't take my abstinence for granted anymore.
  7. Cody Dinh

    Cody Dinh Fapstronaut

    Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing good and you know what, I feel extremely dumbfounded as I've fully recognized that I'm on Day 325, which makes me motivated every day because I've been conquering my ultimate challenge GETTING RID OF PORN. Trust me, your work life and personal life will be changed dramatically if you live without PORN that makes all of us lose motivation, energy, confidence, etc.. and become PORN ADDICTION. Besides, the method that I want to share with all of you is either to let your close friends, who you think you can 100% trust them, hold accountable, or to join this website to make a commitment. Last but not least, I hope you guys will achieve your ultimate goals getting rid of PORN and I'm now particularly happy with my life. I can do it, so you definitely can do it. Have an awesome day you guys.
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  8. )(__Castel__)(

    )(__Castel__)( Fapstronaut

  9. Pone,u r doing the right thing.NO porn also refers to vulgarity shown in music video and movies.I have been abstaining myself from watching hot music videos,movies, even social networking sites.Which helped me me to avoid digital urges and the remaining thing is our mind which wen we engage in some activities such as meditation,prayer,physical activities,etc will do the rest.
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  10. Thanks a lot :emoji_heart_decoration:
  11. Merry Terry

    Merry Terry Fapstronaut

    Yes, do that! My journal is really making all the difference for me in this streak.
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  12. Merry Terry

    Merry Terry Fapstronaut

    Day 18.
    I joined this forum 189 days ago. Of those 189 days, I was 170 days without M’ing to P.

    Second full week of keeping my Urges Journal has earned me a rating of 9,7. An increase of 0,6 from last week, so that's good. The thing that kept me from getting a 10 every day are the times when I click on something out of curiosity and then only stop after I've clicked. I still have to get better in making every click and non-click a conscious decision. But I feel I'm really growing.
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  13. Day 22/90 No PM with NO peeking
    Day 472 at attempting this challenge
    Day 168 weight training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle: No caffeine or alcohol and reduced desserts
  14. bromor

    bromor Fapstronaut

    Day 29 no M,
    Day 134 no P!

    Don't forget to reward yourselves guys! Just do it in the right way!

    Sorry to break it to you, but I believe you should reset man. Watching P is the number one problem here. In my opinion it is worse than just masturbating on it's own. Also you have commited to No PMO so you should hold yourself accountable so you can succeed in the long run! I am telling you this for your own good! Watching P even for minutes would cause me to reset, let alone hours ... Yes, maybe it is less than you did it before, but you still did it! You can do it man! Just be strict with yourself and you will get there!

    Have an awesome day guys!
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  15. El vencedor 2020

    El vencedor 2020 New Fapstronaut

    Día 0 voy con todo para dejar esa porquería para siempre
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  16. Jaywalk

    Jaywalk Fapstronaut

    Okay so i relapsed at the day 19 streak...shortest streak I've ever had and my longest streak was day 24....my current relapse was out of some silly excuse..I'm literally laughing at myself now...we still not giving up...I'm starting all over from #day 0...we move counter starts
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  17. testwarz

    testwarz Fapstronaut

  18. 8/90
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  19. james0422

    james0422 Fapstronaut

    Day 19 rebooting! Keep going!
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