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  1. Bobske

    Bobske Fapstronaut

    I think that's still addiction, you want the hit only in another way.
    People often aske here: is it okay to fantasize about my partner/write erotic stories/my partner sending me nudes.
    In the end you and your partner decide what is ok. But everything is still part of the addiction process.
    But I believe it much healthier when your partner replaces P in your brain.
    And after weaning yourself of even that partner "urge" comes your natural sex drive, which may surprise you.
    (at least that is what I read)
    And it even may surprise your partner, because if you are needy all the time, how can her/his natural sex drive come to the fore.
    At least that is my experience.
    Good luck

    23 days, 552 hours of the rest of my life
    13 days of Yoga
    1 week running, 3 times *5 km
  2. Merry Terry

    Merry Terry Fapstronaut

    Day 17.
    I joined this forum 188 days ago. Of those 188 days, I was 169 days without M’ing to P.
  3. bromor

    bromor Fapstronaut

    Day 28 no M,
    Day 133 no P!

    Today I watched this -

    Man, I felt the same way before, like okay a month has passed, my dick is getting a little better but my sexual drive towards actual women is still low. Believe me there is a turning point, I have urges still, but now towards the girl I actually have sex with now. And we have it less than once a week and I want to have it much more often than that now! I actually get mad when she turns down plans to come over :D I am trying to control the urges, but what I am saying is that you need more time and less sexual pressure for now. If you keep pressuring yourself that its not happening with your partner at this particular moment, you can prolong the period. But you ARE going to reach the turning point believe. For the 133 days with no porn (they are actually more but thats when I started NoFap) I have masturbated around 2-3 times by myself in total, with no porn of course. And even this has not stopped the progress, I just dust off and continue. To be honest I am not feeling like the same person. My motivation is back at full steam to do stuff and although I am naturally a very distracted guy that likes to start 100 things and finish 1 of them, I can actually finish many more of those things nowadays. My programming course is going awesome and I keep coming up with plans for next gradual steps for my future!

    Sorry for the long post, just trying to show you that stuff is happening gradually and its been a couple of months for me and I am not stopping! You should not stop either and you will get there!

    Have a nice Sunday everyone!
  4. Met

    Met Fapstronaut

    Gon!! You’re finally back my friend! I missed you. My best wishes to you and everybody else here.
    I should be in day 59, but I’m thinking about what I have sometimes done during my early streak and I think I should resize my counter as I did’t do it when I probably had to. So back to 40 days seems more proper.
    P.S. Gon if it interests you Homo Deus has recently reached 90 days. Good job!
  5. Pone

    Pone Fapstronaut

    Doing day 27:).
    My mind is very unsettled, I had intense urges at night when I woke up from what was supposed to be a wet dream. The entire night was war, trying to remain conscious in my dreams so that I don't wet dream. My mind was trying to make my get involved sexually in a series of dreams but I avoided them by waking multiple times to prevent the wet dreams. This set intense urges to orgasm at night but I remained strong.

    Now am having urges to watch sexual content.
    I have also noticed that I was getting stimulate by musical videos where girls are dressed in sexy outfits. Now am really trying to avoid watching music videos cause I don't know when such girls will show up on the screen.

    Am constantly missing some girl I tried to vibe but I think she wasn't intrested. And I have taken like 2weeks without talking. Now thoughts of her keep popping up.

    Today is a strange day filled with urges and her thoughts. But am going to finish it successfully.
  6. Vendidad

    Vendidad Fapstronaut

  7. Sirus The Phoenix

    Sirus The Phoenix Fapstronaut

    Day 20 done
    On day 17 and 18 i watched P. Usually i watch for hours but this time i was able to stop less than an hour after i started. I also didnt fap. I think the reason i stumbled was that on day 16, i decided to do a dopamine fast so i abstained from all my usual habits like books, music basically anything entertained. It must have screwed up my levels really bad but am better now. But since i didnt fap am counting my blessings.
  8. Resetting again. I've been feeling really down lately and this has been leading to self-destructive decisions. I'm going to turn that around starting today. Day 0.
  9. Robsoon

    Robsoon Fapstronaut

    No wirries man it happened to me 2 days ago too! After 30days i've made mistake. This is a journey and what we need to do is get up not give up. get up and go forward! All the best man!
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  10. testwarz

    testwarz Fapstronaut

    Day 66/90!
    Day 45 no coffee!
    Day 4 no smoking CT!

    Quick update:

    This is my third long streak since I joined this site a few years back - I've done two 90+ day steaks but couldn't get much further.
    My current major goals are 90, 100, 120, 150, 180 and then hopefully just keep going!

    Quick benefits summary:

    - Super deep voice (i love this - it reinforces your manliness big time)
    - Skin looks amazing - definite glow
    - waking up without alarm and starting to feel refreshed finally
    - armpits smell better than all my perfumes - i have several expensive ones like le labo, aventus, tom ford etc
    - heavy eye circles 50% less
    - women start smiling at me from 20 meters away - pheromones are swirling and with so few guys on NoFap, its a rare smell for women and they get intoxicated if a guy has raw pheros
    - feel naturally happy and an inner kindness
    - nothing seems to rattle me any more - feel like a rock :) hence my avatar of gladiator - like - lets go, come at me bro! - but not in an aggressive or foolish way - just feel like a real man willing to stand my ground
    - I have a strong interest in women, but I'm not anxious about it - it will come!
    - currently going through flatline but some mornings started to get semi-wd now thankfully

    Finally, notice the 3 things Im tracking and what they are all related to - more in my next post around addictive behaviour
  11. hermitthefrog

    hermitthefrog Fapstronaut

  12. hermitthefrog

    hermitthefrog Fapstronaut

    Wow it’s great that you are experiencing all those benefits to doing this! Definitely some things I look forward to, very motivating!
  13. God.Beast20

    God.Beast20 Fapstronaut

  14. Timothy_James

    Timothy_James Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the encouragement man!!
  15. Timothy_James

    Timothy_James Fapstronaut

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! This is helpful to remember.
  16. Timothy_James

    Timothy_James Fapstronaut

    Thanks for taking the time to write this out! It helps to know others have similar experiences. I think you're right, I need to take the pressure off myself to have a sex drive and just give myself time to heal. I need to let my healthy sex drive come back online naturally, when it's ready.
  17. Timothy_James

    Timothy_James Fapstronaut

  18. infinitt

    infinitt Fapstronaut

  19. Pone

    Pone Fapstronaut

    Feeling good now, no urges at all
    Officially day 27:)
  20. Day 21/90 No PM with NO peeking
    Day 471 at attempting this challenge
    Day 167 weight training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle: No caffeine or alcohol and reduced desserts

    Yes, 3 weeks in now and building up nofap steam that I can do this is what I am feeling.

    Happy mother's day, friends.

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