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    Hey, you're probably mostly right there.
    That conclusion was a bit too fast, but this article did enrage me (and therefore probably did it's intended purpose).
    As I wrote I liked that nofap avoided political and religious biases, and I enjoy it that way. So probably I shoud adhere to that as well.

    On the other hand, I delved deeply into the manosphere / TRP and explored many of the different directions.
    As for your last paragraph, yes I think we need to discuss it here sooner or later, as I think this is a societal problem to a degree (which causes our addictions or at least facilitares them) and thus needs to be discussed here.

    There are some values the left represented which I found important and sensible (Stefan Molyneux made a video about that) but I find today's left just madness.
    I became very critical of "the left" or at least some parts of it.
    Just make this search and you see why. (In spoiler - as it may trigger someone - but I see this as a criticism of society and we have to be able to talk about this bs
    ... and you land here
    and find pure bs like
    * 11 unexpected benefits of watching porn (
    starting with "Honestly, guys, you could learn a thing or two."
    "1) Because it’s healthy"
    "2) Because sometimes it’s better than the real thing"
    "5) Because it could benefit your relationship"

    * 6 reasons why your porn habit might actually be good for you

    * 9 surprising reasons why you should be watching porn

    * The Positive Side of Pornography | RealClearScience

    etc ...
    I found most of that quite disturbing and that's where I disagree with your first paragraph, as *all* of the authors and the publications/ news sites are left leaning in their general attitude - you won't see such idiocy on "right wing" / red pill sites.
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    People should know that porn is bad news. Just look up Gabe Dawg's video on YouTube called "PORN RUINS LIVES". It can be a bit triggering at times but he makes a point. He lists all the porn stars who died of drug overdoses and suicide. Don't listen to anyone who says porn is normal, it's all human trafficking.
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    Hold up, I just realized something mind-blowing. The site porn*** gets about 100 million visitors per day on average. The porn industry makes more money on any given day than the NFL makes on Super Bowl Sunday. Holy Crap. Imagine how much money the other porn sites are getting. Jesus. A 100 billion dollar industry that sexually exploits people for money. Jesus.
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  4. Are we sure all of those visits are from America?
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  5. They are using porn, which does not mean that they are addicted. The tobacco, alcohol and the gambling industry also make a lot of money. Not everybody who uses a drug is addicted.

    Whether a drug is legal or not ironically has little to do with how dangerous it is. It is more of a question of culture &traditions and in many cases, corruption. Making a drug illegal does not help to combat addiction anyway.
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    Now, I can't personally say that every single visit is from America, but these are stats I got from an article a while back.
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    True, true. Not everyone who watches will be addicted.
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    Exactly. These people are either just bad because they spread these falsehoods (unknowingly) or they are outright evil (if they know about it, and even profit of that).

    But now you can examine the (political) groups, news outlets and media, which promote this degeneracy/porn, I'm quite sure, you'll see a pattern there.

    It would be cool, if some hackers could hack the porn sites, steal money from they and donate it to nofap causes. (disclaimer: I'm not inciting people to commit crimes, but I'd find it cool :p)

    P is an "awesome" cash cow for them: No need to produce sustances, quality control, and shipping etc. It's just bits & bytes, copied without additional costs for them and thus can be spread over the whole planet within seconds once it's released.
    And it's a mental addiction. It will probably take years if not decades until it is recognised as that.

    I disagree strongly here. That's exactly how the addiction works. You first don't realize it, that you are addicted. You only think you can stop anytime.
    If you could, we wouldn't have all these self help groups for alcoholics, smokers, and there wouldn't be a need for this forum.
    You don't realize, that you start repeating using the drug, until it's too late.
    And that's especially true with porn ! As long you're just watching the "harmless" vanilla stuff, you won't get any disgust/shock reaction.
    While when you try smoking, you body instantly starts natural protective reactions like coughing.

    That's true somewhere. I saw some properties of drugs in a wiki article and the legislation is indeed stupid, drugs like alcohol and nicotine are still allowed, even if they are actually more dangerous and addictive than many others.

    And yeah, I watched that TED talk about addiction. I don't believe, that making drugs illegal will solve the problem.
    First, it will just create a black market.
    Second, the demand will be still there.

    Maybe fighting the production and punishing the deals will help for a short time, but the demand is still there. Then you have to ask, why do people have the demand for the drug. Then you inevitably see, that there are societal problems which are causing this personal misery on a large scale.
    And instead of arresting the addicts, they should get a treatment against the addiction.
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    I feel you on a deep spiritual level. I still think the Fight for Love is still worth it. Love is real. Just check out Marla Robinson's book "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow". It says couples who do kareeza, stay together for life. Don't let negativity get to you man, porn is just a byproduct, not a standard. Peace to you. In the meanwhile, I'm going to fart with my chief.
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