Any medically educated people on here?

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    As you can tell from the title, I’ve been experiencing a medical problem, which I suspect was caused from intense overmasturbation. This isn’t too too long but it’s got some length, so bare with me.

    About 20 days ago on March 2nd, I relapsed felt “normal”throughout the day (normal as in I felt the relapse symptoms like guilt, anxiety, etc.)

    I then started edging to relapse the second time and my edge session before I orgasmed lasted until the following day (literally 9am March 2nd to 1:30 pm March 3rd). Yes, long and intense. I fell asleep though through the night so I mean while I was awake and with breaks throughout the time period I edged. Right before the orgasm of the edging period I kept my arousal there and stopped right before I orgasmed, basically a millimeter off the edge. It felt really good, then I started to feel dizziness.

    I then kept fapping and orgasming about 3 more times. That 3rd time I felt extreme dizziness. Like completely off balance and all. I stopped and said that was it.

    I didn’t fap on March 4th.

    But on March 5th I fapped again. I was starting to feel better and unfortunately the chaser effect got me. I looked up stuff and started fapping.

    I felt dizziness and head pressure coming on and I panicked. Thinking only that I have to finish so the dopamine wasn’t flooding my reward system and so it didn’t make it worse.

    I finished and felt extremely dizzy.

    I had this episode last for about 2-3 hours.

    I ocd fapped AGAIN. For the FINAL time. At around 9:15 pm on March 5th.

    dizziness came back, but not too bad. It was weird.

    But I had an episode that night where I could not sleep. It was horrible. Dizziness, shortness of breath. Brain fog, absolutely terrifying.

    I went to the ER that night. They said I was fine and the EKG and blood test came out perfectly normal. I was shocked.

    The next day my symptoms came again worse that night. I returned as the symptoms hit so severe I thought I was going to suffocate.

    They said the same thing. I was perfectly normal and healthy.

    I know I’ve written a lot so let’s cut to the chase. I kept feeling these symptoms lessen VERY slowly but consistently every single day/night since March 5th! It’s The 22nd of March now.

    Still, ALL tests look fine to the doctors, I went to the ER about a total of 8-10 times. These symptoms are that scary.

    I know, I can’t just keep going to the ER All the time but I don’t know what else to do. I’ve never experienced this in my life.

    Every time I eat something heavy it seems like I get the same dizzy/central buzzing symptoms as before.

    Now, let me tell you what happened today.

    About 2 hours ago I was scrolling through Snapchat, I saw two attractive girls that had clothes on and weren’t showing anything but faces. I got aroused and I had an urge to look longer but I closed it and stopped.

    I felt the dizziness symptoms like at first again! But a bit less intense and of less duration. I then felt the dizziness calm down but I had head pressure happening in different spots of my head and I felt my heart rate jump.

    Now I’m not sure if a nerve reaction happened due to over pmoing. Because it’s not the first time I overmasturbated too many times in one day. But I think somethings up. I need answers. I know this may have been a bit long. But does anyone have any advice, insight, suggestions or helpful information they can give me?

    Also if you have experienced anything like this, let me know so I know if this heals over time or not.

    Anything informationally helps.

    Let me know, thanks.
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    Look over all of your symptoms. Most doctors are probably confusing your headaches with a normal headache. This is no normal headache though. I've experienced similar symptoms, maybe not as severe though. I'm assuming the right side of your brain hurts like mine does. That's because your dopamine receptors are overloaded. Your body is completely over stressed and your head is probably the worst/tightest. This also might seem cliche, but you need to stretch. That's why so many NoFap forums recommend meditation. Make sure you give your brain a break by reducing screen time and loud noises, drink lots of water etc...
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    That is so weird how you say that.

    I’ve been especially vigilant to loud sounds and bright lights. More so the loud sounds.

    I’ve also felt episodes come on triggered by staring at a screen for too long as well.

    However, I haven’t felt headaches though, or nausea/vomiting.

    Just head tightness and slight visual disturbances.

    I hope this reverses with time. I can’t even eat much without getting dizzy.
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    I have a medical degree from Google University.
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    it might be psychosomatic or a trauma-induced Panic Attack. (I studied psychology for 3 years in university)

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