Are women and men the same?

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  1. Peacekeeper

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    Hello, I want to share this with you all.

    I'm currently having a class in U that's something like SE (sexual education).

    The teachers are feminist and all the classes they tell us how men and women are the same (of course, I think we should have same rights and opportunities), that the differences are cultural only and how the system tell us how the sexes should behave. I can understand that some things are imposed by our culture, like the long hair in women, the color pink, and so on.

    But in my opinion sexual psychology in both sexes are different. There is a reason why almost all men get hooked on porn and the number of women is much more smaller. And there's also a reason why a lot of girls like novels like Fifty Shades of Gray, while men find them disgusting.

    So, what do you think?
  2. When it comes to sexual psychology there's some differences but I think the differences aren't as great as some people think. I've even heard some people say that women don't even have any sexual and therefore are incapable of enjoying sex. I think such views are ridiculous, women have sexual and lust after men. On YouTube KasumiKriss said that women probably watch the same porn as men but maybe the reasons for watching it are different. Porn is used more by men but its use among women is increasing and it's probably greater since some women might feel afraid of confessing to using it.
  3. Peacekeeper

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    Yes I agree that women like sex as much as men, but after reading a bit of female sexual psychology I think for them to be turned on is like a knob that is gradually turning and becoming more intense, while for men is like a switch. Either we are turned on or not.
  4. Calculas

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    Girls like pink because they like pink -_- . Those who dont like they just tell. LOL.

    Its good for women if they arent exposed to porn atleast they are safe and not fighting this addiction.(actually they do view porn).

    Now the biology of women is usually different and its neither inferior nor superior. To be honest I am now fed up of reading such post because such posts makes me rethink of the advntages man may have.(Manlihood and testo) but yet women also have many advantages. I hear many people here who want to get cured for women. So its the women who seem to be superior in this case isnt it?

    MORAL OF THE STORY :- Both are equal . This topic is old now -_-. I have read same here more than two times.
  5. We definitely are not the same. And I disagree that it's all about social conditioning. Sure, it's big part of it. But females have different balance of hormones, different active genes and even physically different brain structure. These all things combined makes both genders think and behave differently. So even if society would rise us all the same I'm sure differences in behaviors would still be there. We are different in all kinds of ways; mentally, sexually, physically, socially, have different beliefs and values, etc. So there are clear differences between genders. That all being said, I think we are more alike than we all different. I see us as less like apples and oranges and more like two types of citrus fruits with just slight differences.
  6. Theologically speaking, men and women are different, but equal. It is biologically impossible for a man have a baby or a woman to have a huge beard (in most cases).

    Physically speaking, tell me when a dude has a baby, or a natural female bodybuilder beats the natural men's all time bench press record, I will weight (wrote wait wrong, but I'm keeping it like that.)

    Personally speaking, feminism is a mental illness, and I am all for women's equal rights in society. I however am kind of against women's ordination in churches.
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  7. Calculas

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    Atlast someone wrote that.

    Anyways no one knows that what new biological miracle medical science may make.
  8. I Free I

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    Men Are Men :emoji_muscle:
    Women Are Women :emoji_princess:

    We are in some ways similar because we are humans obviously but in most ways we are very much so different . We all play our part in this world we live in... That's how I feel .
  9. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    Women and Men are not the same. That's a lie from cultural marxists.
  10. Peacekeeper

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    About that...they said that patriarchy is a result of capitalism.

    Let me add that they read an author that says that even biological sex is a cultural construct (!). I can understand that gender maybe learned, but biological sex...!
  11. IggyIshness

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    I see they are both alike
    Men have penis and woman have penises too?
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  12. No, men and women are not the same and definitely not equal and if anyone believes that, it's a feminist because everything that they stand for actually contradicts equality.
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  13. YngwieWanksteen

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    I love these kinds of topics.

    I often wonder if the blacksheep of a family has a more true identity than others, having come out so different, did they shun off external influences? Did they consciously decide to be different? Do we choose who we are? By the time you get to an age to ponder this, is the method to which you became you already hidden? Nurture vs nature...

    In broad strokes, I think most men and women do become "men" and "women" by society's influence.
  14. dominate me, Daddy.

    Hey, fellas, happiness -- you should try it some time. It's grrrrreat!
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  15. Buzz Lightyear

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    The question is ridiculous. It relates to nothing in the real world; it's just the political/ ideological fantasy of people with an agenda. Everything is what it is. The backlash, when it comes, will most probably not be pretty.
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    The real question should be why are you in a class where the teacher is a feminist?! You will learn nothing.
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  18. *clutches pearls*
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    I came across an interesting supposedly historical tidbit and a very interesting idea. I say "supposedly" because I read it in the comments of a news article.

    He said [ not the exact quote, but as I remember it] that in Ancient Greece with real democracy they didn't vote for leaders. They had representatives from every area and the leader was chosen by random lots.

    This is to prevent those in power from influencing an election to get their people in, or the majority to vote for their "Freedom" at the expense of others. The problem I see is nowadays with so many crazies out there the potentials for the lottery are pretty scary, lol.
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  20. Men and women are the same in that we're both human, and that's where the similarities end. Everything else is different.

    How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? Trick question. Feminists can't change anything.

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