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  1. I will join you folks.

    Studied yesterday History for 5 hours and Biology for 1 Hour. Preparing for exams. I really try hard to get max results no matter what. Now when "lessons" ended I am going to study.

    What is most important to me?
    Literature (L)
    Biology (B)
    Chemistry (C)
    History (H)
    and then a little bit
    Maths (M) (I only want 80-90% to succeed in exam, so I am not trying really hard)
    English (E) (it will be worst as you can see :D 50-70%)
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  2. You can already speak English .
  3. Always a pleasure to have friends in here ;)
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  4. '' Hard work with no self-belief is useless''
  5. '' Put that kind of effort to tell the world.. don't come for me''
    '' Effort, nobody can judge effort''
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  6. chris555

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    Thanks m8 it's nice to be hear;).

    Yesterday I worked really hard on learning hiragana. I made someone a bet that I can learn all the characters by Sunday. So in other words I have to get cracking lol.
  7. H=1
    not productive day actually, very nervous these days.
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  8. I do some work here and there .
    3-5-7 hours it depends . It is pretty intense .

    Yet, if I learn to Rest properly . I am the one !
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  9. Ughhh... After I had to speak about western philosophy and literature on Tuesday for 15 minutes I become really lazy but I think I could make me really push myself by writing every day to this topic. + when @BeastBoyBalling 獣 left this forum I don't want that my friend @fg4795 would feel lonely and lose his motivation.. :( But yesterday was a really hard day and I had to do other things so it will be a little shame to say how long I studied yesterday... :(
    C 0,5-1 :(

    But now I am motivated to work work harder!
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