Attention: All threads pertaining to politics or current social issues now in obscure group

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by brilliantidiot, Oct 19, 2019.

Good move or bad move?

  1. That's great!

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  2. They should be moved back to off-topic/(deleted) religion and politics forum

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    Considering the amount of problems that has been occurring with politics and social issues that took a wildly disproportional amount of time to deal with, beyond the time that our team has available to give as volunteer moderators on a large free online forum, it was either we placed it in a group, or it went away altogether.

    All users are expected to treat others respectfully, and remember that this is a forum primarily for porn recovery, not for bashing those with different views and beliefs. This website is not like Facebook or Twitter or any general forum or social network, it is a recovery community. All recovery groups have rules and most do not allow for divisive talk. Given that we are online, this is the compromise.

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    I like seeing nonpolitical threads in the OT area, although groups are obscure. I think the Mods should have a more official thread stating where to post social-related or political-related topics just so they move less threads and we’re more informed about where other threads are moved to.
  4. I think it was a good move.

  5. Great move. And I don't particularly think we're giving up anything of importance here.

    I think the unyielding right wing discourse was a really really bad look for this forum given the media's attempts to slander nofap with alt-right accusations. This was the right move.
  6. Little Bo Peep

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  7. That is what the ctrl-left likes to do with anything, that is going against the agenda.

    What is missing though, that buckling to them doesn't help at all. Because the accusations are not actually meant seriously, they are just a tool to get rid of the actually unwanted topic (porn addiction and abstinence).

    So the media won't stop until NoFap is gone.
  8. @zig you are a sound voice of reason. Touching youself is a bipartisan problem and it does matter how this site is viewed by people.
  9. Y'all know I like a good political/controversial debate, but I don't see what the big deal is. I would rather they be in a group than just deleted altogether. And it limits the amount of frustration among people who don't want to see that stuff all the time.

    And personally, I feel that since they've started trying to change up where to put those threads, having them in a group has limited the negativity in the discussions, in my experience. Because the people who are really angered by political discussions aren't going to see them, and therefore aren't going to comment.

    I think it's a win-win. People who don't want to participate in those discussions don't have to see them, and people who want to participate don't have to deal with the first group of people getting angry about it or trying to have their threads deleted or whatever.
  10. I like the move. The only thing i would add would be a pinned thread that gives a link to the group that was created for political/social issues.
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  12. ShadyPerson

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    I'd say that I see you're a man of culture as well if you weren't a woman. Respect for referencing the best tv-show ever.

    But to the topic of this thread: I don't see why it would be a bad move. I mean better than banning all political and religious talk altogether.
  13. SuperFan

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    I don't understand the need for making it its own group.

    It was already in a very specific Off-Topic subcategory of its own under "religion, politics and culture." Anyone who wanted to avoid those topics could do so easily by not going into that forum. I thought that was the compromise, because before that, all those issues were popping up in the parent OT forum.

    But now, it's almost like the mods decided these issues needed to be buried far from anyone's sight. And that feels lame.
  14. SuperFan

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    I don't understand. There was a special forum just for politics and religion. No one was being forced to visit it, no one was being forced to participate. So what problem is this new location solving?
  15. I honestly don't care one way or the other. I was just trying to provide a little positivity, since so many people are complaining about something that, personally, I think is really silly, and frankly a bit entitled, to complain about.

    This forum is free. The people who run it can do whatever they want with it. I get that it might seem like a pointless decision, but we aren't moderators (I actually was one for a while a long time ago, but not anymore) so we don't see what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe this decision was important for some reason. Why is it such a big deal to make a thread to complain about?

    I don't personally think it's a good decision or a bad decision. At worst, it seems pointless, and at best, it might make it a little bit harder for people who are easily upset over things to stumble upon controversial threads. Either way, I don't really care.
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  16. It’s solving the problem of giving divisive subjects/threads less of a public view on the forums itself while still providing them their own place where their craziness is better contained. For new members these subjects might be off-putting or make others feel unwelcomed on the forums, so it makes sense to put them in the group section which is a little bit more private. A lot of us who’ve been here for a while know where to find the group section, unlike a lot of people who are newer to the forums.

    Edit: To be fair I also think the Semen Retention section should also be in the group section since it’s off-putting when you first visit the forums. I feel like giving it its own forum section almost seems like NoFap is legitimizing those beliefs. It’s probably why when outside people criticize this site they always point to that section as proof that we’re crazy.
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  17. SuperFan

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    I mean, fine, NoFap can obviously do whatever it wants. But I think it does addicts a tremendous disservice to banish threads on spirituality into a deep, unseen cavern of the forums. People who try to achieve sobriety without a sense of spirituality tend to have much harder times than their believing counterparts.
  18. It's sad thing to see daily threads by disoriented lonely people just missing that key element in their life and then get reminded on the top of the page, that this is strictly a fornication forum, so that's their only goal to strive for. :(
  19. I think that's a little dramatic. There are tons of posts about stuff other than porn. There's an entire sub forum dedicated to self-improvement in non-porn related subjects. Comparing that with a thread about Trump or whether or not women should be allowed to be topless in society is... rather silly. Those are not self improvement subjects, and nobody is saying we aren't allowed to strive for any goals besides quitting porn. Discussing the presidential election or the debates or whatever has nothing to do with striving for a goal.
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  20. Hros

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    Either way you still see new posts/threads in the new posts section, no matter where they're located, though.
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