Can anyone relate to my Situation?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Mauser, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. Mauser

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    Hey Guys,
    I made my first Nofap streak in march 2018 and I've achieved several goals since then. The problem is: I'm still watching Porn from time to time and I hate it.
    I want to achieve the "next level" now.
    So what did I achieve in the past 3+ years?
    - stopped watching porn and fapping 1-2 a day
    - stopped seeing women as objects
    - got a good job
    - achieved a BA degree
    - startet MA studies
    - Mental Health is way stronger now

    Whats the problem right now?
    --> Because of my Master Thesis and my parallel job, I get this subtle stress and when I am home alone, sometimes I start watching porn (without fapping). I'm just watching for an hour or so and then I stop it. And thats it for the next couple of days or weeks.

    The thing is: I just wanna stop it forever, no more glimpsing or watching once in a while..
    Can anyone relate to my Situation? Please let me know what helps you out!
  2. m9damn

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    The thought of me destroying myself and not being the best version of myself helps. And it's a sin.
    If you watch P you release a lot of dopamine, and you will not be stimulated by other activities.
    God bless you and may Yeshua Christ set you free of this devastating addiction.
  3. AndyR

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    Hey bro, I suggest you give a little aid to your self-control by blocking/removing the regular browsers you have got on your digital devices and install nsfw filtering ones instead.

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