Comprehensive list of sites to block in hosts file on phone.

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    I edited a compiled list of P sites I found here (pasted(dot)co/b2dc3032) to work on a mobile device. I found that most the android apps to block the stuff doesn't work half the time or is just easy to get past. The formatting was changed and (mobile./m.) Was appended to all the site's to block ones that change to mobile when browsing. If you have a rooted phone you can just browse through a file. Explorer to system/etc/hosts and copy it into your hosts file. If your not rooted you can use ADB commands to edit I think. I also added a bunch of ad sites to be blocked from the AdAway apps list. I know many won't be able to use it but here it is for some that can. (pastebin(dot)com/HgxxDXqU)
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