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  1. Hello fellow Fapstronauts,

    The reason I am posting to Success stories, is the fact that I had never felt this confident in last 9 years. Today I am on day 84th of my streak. Prior to this I have had few long streaks as well.

    Today when I say the following to myself, I really mean it.

    I am capable.
    I am a man.
    I am the provider for my family.
    I am the protector of my family.
    I am responsible.
    I am accountable.
    I am content and satisfied.
    I am powerful.
    I am strong.
    I am healthy.

    It took me almost 9 years to do this positive self-talk. I am much more confident today. :)
    Thanks to the NoFap community! Stay strong!
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    I am really happy for you! Your example is really encouraging. Keep going strong!
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  3. Thank you brother! We will get better together!
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    You have no idea how happy I am for you!
    Good Job brother!
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    That's amazing man, your almost 3 months. Have you noticed anything different with your mood/emotions? Im almost at 2 weeks and have begun to notice that I get a huge surge of energy from being pissed off/angry, have you noticed something similar?
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  7. I really want each one of us to beat the addiction to PMO and get out of the downward spiral we are in. Let's fight it till we beat it.
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  8. I got into some arguments with some of the folks today, because they were not following the queue and were not waiting for their turn to get their job done in the Transport Office for getting driving license. When they tried to push me I got angry and told them not to rush but follow the queue and wait for their turn. I acted a bit cocky today. Even though I am a short and lean guy, I wasn't afraid to argue those folks way taller and bigger than me. :)
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    Great job!

    A question I have, did your thought patterns dramatically change on this long of a streak? Do you process emotions and just daily stuff different? How did it change?
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  10. No it didn't happen dramatically. I have had continuous bad weeks and days in last 3 months and before as well.

    I tried to subscribe to one of the meditation related app which helped a little bit. I would say the most important thing was that I was surrounded by my mom, dad, uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces. I have someone to communicate to (not about addiction but general hi hello and other discussions and talks). I even started working out by going to gym with my cousin. I have tried educate my younger cousin brother to preserve his essence though.

    I am spending most of my time in a room at the first floor and there is no bathroom/lavatory on this floor. We have shared bathrooms and lavatories at the ground floor, which kind of forces us to use quickly and come out. So there is no opportunity for indulging into PMO.

    Moreover, you can't be in that depressing and low-energy zone and lie about your situation to all these people surrounding you. In some way all these people surrounding you start to change you and force you to act normally (this includes the change in your thoughts as well as action). Had I been alone, it would have been a bit difficult.
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