Dating is sex

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    For me it is, dating means I'm expressing my sexuality in some way or the other to the other person. It can be my trough my words joking, touching the girl or just listening to her.

    But they all involve a control or an expression of my sex impulse. If I'm not in control of it I become tense, nervous and full of fear.

    If I'm in control of it, I'm funny, happy spontaneous, interesting or just a good listener, also by not having lust blinding my eyes is see and appreciate the person beyond sex, I see how she really is, I connect in a more human way to her. The result is that the other person feels relax, happy. If I don't feel like this, something is wrong with my sex impulse and I need recalibration.

    For me dating is just an expression of how I'll be in bed or an extension of it. Even just listening and hearing the other person, can translate into being a gentle lover who waits the other to reach an orgasm.
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    Yeah... for me its about finding out if we have that connection.

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