Did I Relapse?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by MrHq, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. MrHq

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    Alright so it was day 147 yesterday. Everything was going so good, I was going strong! I mean I had a few wet dreams over this 4+ months duration of no PMO but I did not relapse! I was going Strong!

    So yesterday after coming home from work, I was tired. I took off my clothes, I lay on my couch and got into my blanket. I was just wearing my boxer-briefs.

    I was watching netflix and started feeling very comfortable in my blanket as it was very cold outside and I was tired.

    I atarted feeling this pleasure throughout my body and my bottom was kinda numb.
    Soon I felt like I am about to cum, I picked up the blanket and saw I was erect rubbing against my underwear.

    I tried to divert my attention away and stood up, I felt it was too late, I was at Point of no return. I knew if I touch it to remove my underwear I'd cum.

    I started walking towards the bathroom but just when I reached the cum started flowing out all in my undies. When I took off my undies I had unloaded myself.

    I am now confused if I should reset my counter as I don't want to really but idk if I should or not.
  2. T0nyC89

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    In my opinion I don’t think you need to reset it, as it wasn’t intentional. If you’re going out your way to MO then that will be a reset, apart from sex itself.
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    From what you've written, no it doesn't sound like a reset.
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  4. MrHq

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    Thanks, I guess I don't have to reset then!
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