Do you think you fap & pmo bc angry with Mom???

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. as i do this crazy journey i realize so much of my addiction is from anger!
    specifically anger from mom--mom being too intrusive (and not encouraging self-independence ) and/or being extremely clinging so that i would never leave her--
    it left me feeling extremely conflicted and i never had a healthy feeling of being loved in a positive way--consquently this left me craving constant women and attention and subsequent anger for needing that constant arrousal---
    --i think if you can understand the source of the addiction that is a huge benefit to recovery,,,so i am wondering if anyone shares the same feelings?
  2. My mother was the opposite growing up and I'm an addict. Our relationship with our mothers are usually the first female relationships we experience, so I imagine that the kind of relationship we have with our mothers would definitely have a major impact on the way we see the world in regards to sex and relationships.
  3. yes definitely,,,how was your relationship?,,mine was clingy and codependent--if you don't mind sharing
  4. My parents were never good at showing affection when I was growing up. My mother always showed affection in a more indirect way through playful teasing. I noticed that I tend to act similarly towards people that I care the most about.

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