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How many of you going to think how long I am going to last

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  1. 10 days

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  2. 5 days

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  1. So I missed to write day 1 to 3 .

    Day 4-
    Feeling sad just because of nofap . I feel empty from inside. I was motivated before starting this but now I feel normal. I am not on top of the mountain but on ground standing looking at the sky. Just keep going.
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    i have felt empty too today, and I looked it up on google and it is being bored as another definition says. But then I did the catholic cross on my body and felt so much better. I am watching a civil war documentary on youtube.
  3. Day 5
    All day I was feeling sad. This is one of the effect of pmo. The only thing that brings happiness in my life. I know I can control the urges but living like a dog is hard but I have to stay in this boiling pit to emerge something. Thanks for sharing your thoughts
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  4. I relapsed after 5 days . But I will not do binge relapse after it. This is it not going on that road again. One thing I understand from one time relapse is that it recover faster but it kicks you ass. The chaser effect is shit. So I will start from this moment
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  5. Forgot to write day 1 and 2.
    Day 3-
    The dopamine in me is still kicking and I feel the effects of binge relapse. Yet here I am starting it all over again . My relapse was about depression. I had bad day so I relapse and justified it by saying I need this. One thing that strikes me now that for 5hrs I was looking for video and I didn't find anything and then fapped to worthless video. I always used to think that one relapse is better than binge but then I realised that by saying that I keep relapsing. So it is not a game where you start it and end it in middle and then again start it and repeat it. There are only one option here that is sacrifice fapping for greater good and i mean the word sacrifice as real thing because you are taking the most important thing in your life but to change yourself you have to do this.
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    This journey is about peaks and valleys my man. Enjoy and be thankful for the peaks and be patient in your valleys.
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  7. Missed day 5
    Day- 6
    Today I am angry today. I feel the urge but not in a mood for it. I realised that I should stop counting days and focus on doing my thing because I know it will only excited me . Overall I feel like calm water
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  8. So I relapsed again. I was on a 8 day streak but on 9 day I fapped and thought that this is the last time but then I fapped again after 23 hrs and then I started nofap but after completing 24 hr I again relapsed so I fapped on 3 days only once. There was a time when I relapsed and do a binge relapse with three times on that day but now I am able to hold it for 1 day I stuck in a cycle of fapping once a day need to get out of this fast
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  9. Day 1-
    Finally I completed day one it was hard I fall many times to get here but the road is long I have to be strong. I shall not fall for the urges.
  10. Meditation Monk

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    If you feel sad, you gotta find other ways in which to de stress yourself. you gotta release that power of the stress in your body and be yourself once again, and as I am saying again, I rather not share my own stress relief because everyone has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.
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    Fill the void with something you want to learn or do.

    Learn an instrument, learn to code, go the gym etc....
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  12. Meditation Monk

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    Actually, I am sort of intellectually creative. I was in the choir when I was a kid and I played the violin during my middle and high school years and I ran cross country and track and field and I participated in sci-fi clubs and chess club. I love reading books about demons and king kong etc. I could paint a picture of an avocado broken apart and the whole frame green.
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  13. So I relapsed after completing day 3. This is the longest streak with no binge pmo I have achieved. I think it's new step towards nofap after learning the art of one fap. I have learnt to survive with one time fapping so binge is no longer needed. I seen that with one fap regain you strength fast compare to binge the guilt is less in one time fapping. I know now I was able to go 13th day long steak with fighting the nofap and I can go even further.
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    My friend I'd like to say that seeing you be candid about your setbacks along the way is very refreshing!

    I relapsed last night, and to be honest I would much rather wait and leave a comment in a few days when my counter doesn't show a zero. But you have the balls to check in every time you hit a snag and I think you will be stronger for it, so I'm encouraged to do the same.

    You're pretty open about your day to day feelings, but i think we'd also be curious what your more practical plans are for yourself. Looking back at times you relapsed, are there any patterns that led to it? Situations, moods, even TV shows or movies that maybe trip you up?
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  15. One thing that bothers me is thinking about it all day always seeing the counter because of this I get excited and watch porn.
  16. Missed day 1 and 2
    Day 3
    Finally I reached were I started. Last time I relapsed on day 3 and now I have completed 3 days I hope I keep this streak for my entire life
  17. Day 4 So I am on track again my train of nofap has started and I feel good about it after failed attempts I reached this point and hope beat my own record of nofap
  18. Day 5
    I feel better now. After all this time my brain fading the porn memory. Experiencing urges is great .It feel s like having a power that flows in my body