Driving around aimlessly to prevent relapses

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction Recovery' started by FromZeroToNinety, Sep 5, 2017.

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    So I was doing this thing a while back before NoFap. I would drive around in my car after work to clear my head (because of depression, brain fog, etc. did all that, I know this today). But know during my reboot I am just doing it to prevent a relapse because I know that as long as I am not doing any other of my activities (practicing guitar, working out, writing) I would sit in front of my laptop, and this, for me is the time and setting when I usually feel the urges coming.

    So I was just curious if anyone of you guys does anything similar, just to pass the time when you have a slot with no activities (which can happen from time to time) and to prevent relapses.
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    I definitely relate to this! Pretty much anything to occupy your time and energy with will do, it seems. Driving is a great activity that keeps you attentive to the moment but also allots the opportunity for reflection. I feel like I might start driving around town if I get the urge to look at porn.
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    Hell yea, if I saw a trigger I would hop in the car, pop open some beers and hit the road. I would go for miles.

    Anything to avoid a relapse
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    You have to learn how to handle an urge while being still. All you are doing now is avoidance behavior.
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    You can't be in constant motion 24/7/365.
  6. Read a western, go to NoFap, cook, do push-ups, build/fix something, etc. anything that distracts.
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    agh, I just relapsed after a 30-day streak. I'm impressed with myself for making it that far, I guess now I have some kind of measuring stick to compare myself against. In response to the OP, hard to say, I don't think anyone has any "real" advice. Yeah, we can say "go do push-ups, play guitar, go for a walk" whatever, but that does not change the reality that we will sometimes be alone and these very strong, NORMAL urges will pop into our heads. Willpower is a fascinating subject, I've been reading a lot abut it lately. I think it's a good idea to NOT just base your mood/feelings about yourself and your self-worth on PMO or ability to abstain. That is just a very small aspect of your "self". Bear in mind all the other things that you do with your time (unless you don't do anything besides sit in your house and watch porn, which I doubt is the case, you obviously just stated that you like to drive around to clear your mind. Maybe write down a list of all the things that you like about yourself (in list, essay, or haiku format, perhaps!) and look to that when you're having these not-positive thoughts. We're all humans struggling together, none of us are "better" than another one of us because of watching or not watching porn. In fact, I like my idea so much, I'm going to do that now.

    1. I'm friendly and people like being around me.
    2. I can be pretty funny, at times.
    3. I have pretty good teeth. :D

    keep on keepin' on brothers! (and I guess sisters, since girls can masturbate too)
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    Interesting take.