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    Hi guys,
    Im here to introduce myself a bit, since I'm new to the community.
    So here I go.

    I'm a 20 year old bisexual guy and I got circumcised (cut moderate/low and +- tight) at the age of 17. I've waited with sex till I was 18-19 years old. Since I never had sex before my circumcision I can't really compare to any feeling. But the problem I face is that I dont achieve any orgasm during sexual intercourse. I dont know if it's maybe stress or maybe it's my circumcision (i dont want to blame me being cut immediatly tbh) but I think it's mostly the fact that I masturbate every day sometimes multiple times, watching porn, fast strokes and a moderate/ tightish grip. I notice that even though I try not to worry about the fact that I dont orgasm during sex and my partners being great about it,
    I still feel really annoyed that I'm only able to really have orgasms when I watch porn and masturbate. It doesnt even take long when I masturbate it can be like 5 mins to 30 mins (when I edge) but when I have sex I can last forever or till im just tired. Ive once had sex for more than an hour with little breaks. I stay hard all the time but I dont think that my eyes/ the feeling is getting me enough stimulation to orgasm like masturbation (dont get me wrong sex is fun too). Im really worried that this will be my doom for my whole life, I just wish to be normal and shoot a load at like 15 mins into sex like regular people lol. I hope nofap may change my life and that I dont prefer masturbation over people anymore.
    So that's me :)

    -thanks for reading.
  2. Hey exileusorbas,
    Welcome to the NoFap community!
    If you haven't already, take a look at this information on rebooting. I found it helpful in knowing what to expect.
    Removing artificial stimulation will definitely help you in the long run.
    Feel free to message me or anyone else here if you have questions or want to talk.
    Best of luck during your reboot.
    Again, Welcome.
  3. Hey @exileusorbas ,

    Circumcision does decrease sensitivity. I know urologist have studies that say it does not. But, then again, urologist make money preforming circumcisions. If they said it would decrease your pleasure considerably they wouldn't sell as many circumcision.

    There is another issue. In the past several decades most circumcision clamps, kits, packs, devices and generally all equipment have become disposable. One use only. In the 1950s and 1960s almost all clamps used for circumcision were able to be put into an autoclave and sterilized and reused. How much difference does disposable versus reusable circumcision clamps make? $40,000,000.00 a year.

    Yup, the circumcision industry sells $40 billion dollars a year (from pharmaceutical equipment manufactures to hospitals and doctors) in products and services.

    Also, infant (not adult) foreskins are routinely sold to pharmaceutical manufactures for up to $1,500.00 by the hospital that got the parent to sign the consent form. That form contains a "donation" paragraph. Yup, a one day old boy "donates" his foreskin to a company that can turn it into 4 football fields of skin used on burn victims. Now, understand, they don't give this skin away, they sell it for a huge profit. Creepy, I know.

    Death grip does cause DE. Being circumcised makes that worse.

    - L
  4. One of the ways I got involved with the fellowship was by reading some really great journals.

    I've included journals from all age groups, spiritual members, religious members, secular members, male and female. You should find journals that help. If not, look around, there are hundreds of others from which to choose. When I say "it works if you work it", reading journals is part of that work.

    Once you open a journal, click "Watch Thread" in the upper right of the page to get alerts when new posts are made. Here are just a few:

    @2525 Journals at: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/147264/
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    There are many more, and you can discover them on your own. But, these are great places to start.

    This is a work in progress. So, if a journal has changed or is no longer active, look around there are some amazing journals on here.

    - L

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