First thread in a year. Hear me out.

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    Hi guys, so I’ve been doing nofap since I was 16. I am 21 now.

    I’m going to keep it short and sweet for time sake.

    when I was 16 I was depressed and hopeless. It was hard as could be, but I was successful with nofap and I was the complete opposite.

    at 17 I felt great everyday, looked healthier and got tons of women’s attention. Basically nothing was wrong with my life. All from nofap.

    when I turned about 18-19 I fell back into the trap. It kills me inside to say that I’m now 21 and I have some work to do. I cannot keep relapsing.

    I need my life back. I’m about to start college in September (it’s july 9th) so really I got like 50 days. I want to be mentally and physically recovered and stable by then.

    I’m not looking for reassurance. But If anyone is out there that is willing to give me some words of encouragement feel free.

    The way I look at my situation is it sucks, but it could be worse. I’m still young and have lots of life to live. But I cannot spend another day wasting my life.
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    Then do it again bud! You’ve already proved you can. So you already “know” that you have the will power!
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    Install Plucky/Pluckeye on your technical devices, it is the best filter there is in my opinion, and I've tried many...