Food addiction - how not to fall into it

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    Okay... I’m a bit a hipochondriac. In a nutshell - I was eating badly before. I was eating too little.
    I am an ectomorphist and I need more calories.
    I have been eating healthier for over a month. I'm trying to eat enough macros.
    In addition, I've been practicing calistenics for some time.
    Long time ago, when I did pmo, I also ate very sweet, fat and salty. When I felt stress coming back from school, that meal caused me to feel better.
    In the case of sweetness and salty food, the matter of addiction is quite simple. But what about fats?
    As I can afford a maximum of four meals during the day I try to eat about 20-30 grams of fat in each meal. This makes meals seem sometimes fatty.
    I eat mainly polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fats.
    How much fat is too much? What causes fatty meal can be addictive?
    I have the impression that recently such meals were much tastier for me. Now it’s normal.
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    Don't worry I'm not at risk. Hope you are well.

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