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Food, Alcohol & Activity

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone.

    This is a thread, I hope, where we can all share insights about the impact of food of all kinds, alcohol, of all kinds too, and activity, physical or intellectual. Here are major questions I have myself and I would like everyone of you with experiences to answer them.

    1. Does the type of food matter during a nofap period ?
    2. How does fat impact your mental and physical ability to not masturbate ?
    3. How does sugar impact your mental and physical ability to not masturbate ?
    4. Have you actually ever relapsed because of bad food (bad fat, sugar)

    1. Do you drink alcohol during Nofap ?
    2. Has alcohol actually made you relapse ?
    3. Would you say a kind of alcohol is worse than the other ? (beer vs. wine vs. spirit)

    1. Do you do sports during Nofap ?
    2. Do you consider practicing making it easier to fight urges ?
    3. How often do you think it is important to run/lift/practice so your mental keeps healthy ?
    4. Any intellectual or spiritual activity that doesn't involve sweat that helps ?
  2. Kiryu

    Kiryu Fapstronaut

    Food: I haven't been paying attention to how/if food affects things, so I can't really say.

    Alcohol: Probably my biggest weakness. If I have even just a little bit, I relapse very easily. I wouldn't say it has much to do with what I drink, just with how drunk it gets me. Though sometimes very little is already enough for me to start making excuses.

    Activity: Meditation is huge for me. It makes me feel much more balanced, which in turn helps in not succumbing to urges. It generally lifts my well-being tremendously and I'd recommend it to anyone. Doing it regularily is pretty important as the long term effects are the ones that really matter. Also I started doing a simple workout almost daily. I assume it helps but, again, I can't really say.
  3. Thank you. No one else ? I'll share my thoughts.

    1. The type of food matters. Healthy (veggies, fruits, low carbs, protein) food has always improved my mental state to fight urges.
    2. I have always been kind of depressed, my mental would always be softer the day after a fat meal (cheesy, fried etc.)
    3. No sure how sugar impacts me yet. Short term (within a hour or too) of effects I think. Obviously sugar does have a lot of long-term effects, sugar should be cut, but I'm interested in the ones which worsens your ability to fight urges etc.
    4. So many post-fast food lunches have seen me relapse because I would be more depressed, you know. It seems it may come the day after the meal.

    1. I try not to, I didn't drink during January, kept off of PMO for 3 weeks. Sobriety HELPS.
    2. Alcohol has made me relapse a couple times. Just like bad food, it softens my mental and can't fight urges.
    3. Spirit may be the worst at a party, the day after makes it difficult to fight urges. Wine is ok! Beer can make it really hard.

    1. Try to do sports. Run/gym. Gym help but makes me tired, can't write, can't think deeply. (I study cinema etc.)
    2. Sports helps a lot during nofap.
    3. Depends on the person. I may have to go to gym or run once a week or my mental would be weak.
    4. No meditation or prayers yet.
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  4. Kiryu

    Kiryu Fapstronaut

    I eat very little meat but recently I had a burger and I felt horrible afterwards. It was kind of insane. (I usually don‘t eat burgers. Just fish and maybe a bit of salami every now and again)

    Honestly a lot of my social activities are tied to alcohol. It‘s very difficult for me to stay clean because I also enjoy getting drunk with friends. But I am cutting back a bit, lately. And I do agree. Beer seems pretty bad. 1 or 2 could be enough for me to relapse in the past.

    Gotta say meditation has had the most significant effect on my well-being out of anything I‘ve ever done. Also just being being in nature every now and again can have amazing effects. Sometimes I feel really bad and I‘m always surprised about how much better I feel after a walk in the park.

    Just realised your username is french. I had a bit of french in school. „NoMore“
    Good luck, man!
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