From what he said, did he ever truly like me?

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  1. he told me "At the beginning I thought there could be something between us, but there wasn't". I dated this guy for about a month and we had s. twice. i had a feeling for the first time in my life that someone i was intimate with was opening up to me (he showed me after 1st s. album of photos of him as kid with his family and friends, told me his father thinks he is a failure, mentioned the death of one of his friends when he was a teen, we went to museums etc.). or he opened up to me just to get s.?

    does what he wrote mean that he thought he liked me at the start but then he changed his mind? did i mess it up? looking to get some guys' opinions
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    Could be the last option, but considering that he waited until after S for opening up, it doesn't seem like it. If his motives were that shallow, then I think it's weird that he went through a month to only have s twice.

    I think he was probably telling the truth, but what that might mean isn't clear. It could be that after sex he decided he didn't want a relationship with you, or after having spent time with you decided that you weren't what he wanted. Maybe he found someone else, or was only looking for short flings. He could have not wanted to make a commitment, whether from not wanting to be tied down, not wanting to commit to you in particular, or having some psychological issue with commitment. Maybe life got in the way, who knows? He might just be confused about things and wouldn't be able to answer more clearly if he tried.

    Once you learn how, opening up can be easy. It's not unheard of in dating/pick-up advice to learn to be vulnerable and open to women. I learned it there some time ago, and find myself doing it too freely. I'm not sure if that's true of him, as again he seemed to wait before doing it, but it's a possibility.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. he actually opened up to me even before we had s. for example the day before we exchanged the first kiss with each other, he told me he had an important surgery when he was young when i jokingly put his shirt up and noticed a scar. i didn't ask him about that and it was a small scar and i didnìt freak out. thing is when he was opening up with me i didn't know how to react

    mostly i thought he was playing games with me and it was all an act. but what kind of f.boy would say these things to get a girl in his bed? it made me close to him in a way s. never made me feel really to any guy i had before. while i was still a s. addict i used to use s. to sabotage myself from getting a deeper relationship, from truly connecting. after the first time we were more connected, i could feel it. after the second time and how that date was, it was not good and still saw him a bit like a rebound from the guy i had before him. maybe it is worthy a shot. this is the closest i got to real intimacy. more powerful than all the s. i could have or i have had
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    I recently left my girl for feeling the same way, even after being intimate and being with her for awhile I just felt like our values and views on the world were to different so I let her go. Maybe he was thinking of things like that in his head.

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