Girlfriend made fun of penis size - Can't get over it

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Focused, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. mirmaax

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    Dude i just registered here to say that 7 inch is above avarage and you can grow it bigger by djelqing if you want you can gain plus 2 or 3 cm but better to dump your girlfriend i think She is cheating already or will be cheat anyway and need reason for it and than she will say that because of dick size she cheated. she is just **** better dump her because she does not care about your reputation in the eyes of other people.she will not get satisfied from you not because of 7 inch dick but because you are not aggressive and alpha male try to tame her be more aggressive fuck her more rough and hard and if she will talk shit on you in people slap her in front of others ***** slap her i think it will work. i bet new friend of this woman is smaller then you she just saiyng it to embrace others =))

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