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    Hello there, I've been on this page for a few months now and managed to do some smaller streaks, however always relapsed (21 days was my best) and am now pretty much back to PMOing every other day. This is already an improvement, because before being on nofap it was AT LEAST every day and I felt it increasing.
    Now I hope sharing and reflecting my experiences will help me stay focused, because I had already felt benefits from my previous streaks, like less depression, less needed sleep, improved productivity and less brain fuzz, even a random girl coming up to me asking for my number out of nowhere, which has literally never happened before in my life. Even though I was edging in all of those streaks, which I will not tolerate in a streak anymore. I think it just makes it way harder to stay focused, even though I didn't feel it had any effects on the benefits, I still want to cut it out.

    So far I haven't been too successful on my academic university education journey, due to no motivation, which I think PMO didn't help at all, especially in combination with being a heavy weed smoker, so now I want to kick those habits and use the attention and energy more productively.
    Also I should say that I'm still a virgin at 21, which I do not plan on staying, and I'm confident nofap won't hurt. Being a virgin for me I think has nothing to do with my looks or general social skills, but mostly with a huge lack of self confidence which caused me never taking the next step. I had two girlfriends so far and a few more crushes where it was near that stage, and I think it always ended because I was never confident enough to take the next step,which definetly had to do with low self esteem, which again probably also had to do with an unhealthy PMO habit.

    I think that should do it for now and without further ado I'll start a 30 days challenge, wish me luck! :)
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    Wish you luck. Having sex is no big thing. All this PMO that happens to you is part of you being virgin. Concentrate on yourself. You matter.
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