How do u define an urge?

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    I want to understand what is considered as a urge as everyone will have there own definition and experience, for a long time i didn't think i was addicted to porn so i never noticed my urges i just counted them as my habit. Now that i am trying to reboot, i am missing porn i don't look for it because i know i'm rebooting is this an urge or is it something stronger, i get sensations like how it used to feel to masturbate, and i get hard erections from slightest touch of cloths or anything. Even when i have to pee i feel pressure in the balls. I don't count all these physical events as urges! How would you define your urge from mild to severe, so that i could understand better!
  2. An urge to me is a very loose definition. Any time where I have thoughts which I know will cause me to be aroused if I indulge in them - that is what I consider an urge. A temptation is when you have a specific desire to masturbate or watch porn. That is far more serious. If you fail to resist an urge, you might fantasize for a while before you have a temptation to relapse. But if you fail to resist a temptation, then you lose your streak.
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