I’m 24 year old virgin should I hire and escort or go try to meet a girl

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Xtownsend, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Being still virgin past the age of 20 is a sign of significant problem (or multitude of such problems thereof)! If by that age you haven't had sex the way most people do, don't expect that to change by itself as you get older! Quite the opposite - it will become more difficult, your inhibitions and problems will take over you!

    So go to a hooker to rid off your V-card! Don't expect it to be pleasurable or fun, because it rarely is! The meaning of the sex with a hooker is to break your inhibitions and hang-ups.

    Use condoms and good luck!
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  2. zakes

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    Bad idea, don't do it
  3. Haddock

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    I know many people who waits until they got married by the age of 25 (more or less). They do not have any problem. Moreover I didn't get an answer to my question "Can you explain why this is a problem ?". You basically just said it was a problem to be a virgin at the age of 24 without any justification or example.

    I was thinking the same as you before so I understand but let me ask you one question, what is the good age to have sex ? You think it is urgent to have sex at 24. Ok. But I'm pretty sure you think that 7 is too young right ? So what is it ? Puberty (about 12 for guys and even younger for girls). Too young no ? So it's not only about your body. You maturity is important also right ? Well, at 20, you're probably not mature. Maybe you're clever but you are probably not driving your own life (I mean paying your bills etc...).

    So please, don't say to people they have problems when it is obviously not the case ! Advising to go to a hooker is certainly not a good idea. Have you been in such a situation ? Did you go to a hooker ? I read about guys on this forum who were devastated by that kind of experience.

    That being said, maybe our friend has indeed some issues. I don't know. I'm just saying that generally speaking, it is completely fine to be a virgin at 24.

    So do I :)
  4. phwrancesco

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    People tend everytime to rationalize their problem, so do i with mine.

    A man at 24 is in his best years and should be out there fighting for women, and not masturbating on a screen. Like i say to all the people who choses virginity until marriege: your choice would be 100% correct if just you didn't masturbate, or masturbate to porn.

    If you choose virginity but masturbate to porn, well thats the biggest waste of life i've evers seen.
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    Isn't it?
    Someone wants to have sex and cannot get any - are you trying to say that it is ok?!
    I have NEVER said such thing, please learn to read:
    Being a problem itself or not, the old age virginity is certainly and always a sign of other underlying serious problems of different kinds!
    As soon as your sex drive kicks in and you start to want sex! That is the nature's way!
    Urgent?! In the Middle Ages, by 24 he would have been married and with several kids already!
    I have a job and pay my own bills! I am more educated than you will ever be!
    Yes and Yes!
    That is kind of overreaction! :D
    Only if you are asexual with zero sex drive maybe!
    If you want sex but cannot get any it is not fine!
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    Personnally, i'm in the same situation as you. 24 virgin. I don't really care because i know i soon as i will hit my target which is 100 days, everything will be fine.

    Anyway, you should not be too stressed about it. The nofap should help you to get girls. You just have to make the effort.
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    Do you think losing your virginity helps with getting rid of porn or masturbation? If not, I don't get your meaning.
  8. phwrancesco

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    No, i don't think so. The fact is that i find pointless avoiding sex but, at the same time, looking for porn and masturbation.

    I think it's a choice made out of fear: if you really wanna stay pure and preserve your integrity so you don't look for sex until marriage, stop. I deeply respect it.

    If you don't look for real sex but look for fake sex, thats because you're scared like a poor little dog and i do not respect that.
  9. ItsInTheBag

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    You can get STDs even with a condom.
  10. Haddock

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    Yes it is. This is what I'm telling you. I'm not saying sex is a bad thing that should be avoid. Not at all ! I'm just saying that if, for some reason, you want to wait until marriage, then yes it is fine to wait. Should we satisfy every of our desires ? No. In life you made choices. Some are mutually exclusive. For instance, when you choose to marry, you renounce of every other women. Will you be attracted to other women ? Yes probably. But you should not follow only your instinct and desires.

    You suggest to go to a hooker. Not to solve the alleged underlying problems. So yes you basically said that virginity was at stake here and that it was a problem to solve. Maybe I misunderstood. But I can read thank you.

    Not necessarily. Once again, you do not describe such underlying serious problems. I personally think that going to a hooker is a problem. Moreover, advising someone else to go to loose his virginity is certainly a big problem too.

    Then 12 years old boys should have sex with 11 years old girls. What about killing a male to take his female ? Isn't it the nature's way ?

    Yes. And during the prehistory you could have sex with every member of your family. Moreover, during the Middle Ages people usually didn't have premarital sex. So you agree with me because it was the way we did stuff in the Middle Ages ?

    Are you completely sure of that ? Because trust me I studied a lot... Anyway, I was saying that no matter how brilliant you could be, it is not the same thing when you really drive your life. Moreover, I was talking about 20 years old guy, not you specifically (I don't know your age...). I wasn't suggesting you were not educated. You have a job ? Fine. I do have a job too. Now do not suggest I will never be as educated as you. The simple fact you reacted this way says a lot...
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  11. Summer Adventurer

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    Then you are wrong!
    What if someone doesn't want to wait for marriage?! The OP didn't mention that he is waiting for marriage! Quite the opposite - he wants to have sex badly!
    Been there, done that!
    Nobody pushes you to go to a hooker!
    Why would it be a problem?! Some false moral values or STD scare?
    Approve it or not, many do!
    Yes, because then people were married by their parents at the same age most teens have sex nowdays!
    First learn to speak as many languages as i do and we can continue that argument from there! :D
  12. Haddock

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    I'm just saying this is a good reason for being virgin at 24. You can find other good reasons like you haven't meet the right person yet or you're a porn addict and you want to solve this problem first before having sex. Every one wants to have "sex badly". Every one wants to watch porn. I want to do X is not a sufficient reason to do X, period. This is what I keep saying but you do not understand despite the tremendous number of languages you may speak !

    Going to a hooker stimulates the very same mechanisms than porn. You can also be addicted to hookers. The OP has probably an issue with porn as almost everybody here. So advising him to go to a hooker is a big problem in my opinion. Would you argue that porn is bad for health but going to a hooker is not ? Moreover, but this is my opinion, it is clearly not morally acceptable. By doing that you contribute to a traffic of human beings. Even if some choose this kind of "job", most does not. But you see, I didn't give this last argument first since it is not an objective one.

    The fact that you did go to a hooker yourself to loose your virginity does not mean this is a good idea. But obviously you have a high idea of yourself !

    Man you're pathetic. Speaking many languages is of no use if you do not have clever things to say.
  13. Themadfapper

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    I haven't read all the posts, but I think the argument is that it's better to be having sex than to be jerking off. Maybe someone is saying sleeping with a ton of women and having tons of sex is a great thing, or maybe a mognamous relationship with tons of sex? I don't think it's that cut and dry although I do get the point and it's certainly considered better in societies eyes in most cases. Porn stars, rock stars, people who live fast and loose lifestyles commit suicide at an absurdly high rate, so I'm thinking there may be some flaws. Ever spend time in nightclubs and see all the guys desperately trying to get laid wasting hours in a club lookly mostly bored and miserable all in the hope of a short encounter
    with a stranger? It's pretty sad and very reminiscent of the porn addict. I don't think sex addiction is any better than porn/wanking addiction and maybe even more destructive although with sex addiction you might be more inclined to take care of yourself to attract partners although there is the risk of STDS.

    I would say going to a hooker is a waste and that virginity for a guy isn't really a thing. Unless you mean the wonder will be gone and you think you will be less shy around women because you ejaculated into a rubber condom inside a hooker. I would have to question that as well and I doubt there will be much change at all other than some regret and wondering what the big deal was?
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  14. jarvyjarvison

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    I'll just say what many men have said before me: Empty sex is just like masturbation. It doesn't even feel good. And what decent woman is gonna wanna be with a man who lost his cherry to a prostitute at 24? It's better to lose it to a woman you love. Sex should be aa physical AND emotional experience otherwise it's not worth having. Trust me.

    BTW I think OP abandoned this thread long ago.
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  15. Summer Adventurer

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    That are not reasons!
    That are excuses!
    That is a different story and the OP doesn't seem to have the same concerns as you do!
    Not really! I don't know where do you live, but in many European countries prostitution is legal and operating withing a law-frame! That ensures the prostitution is not forced and is free choice made by the sex-worker!
    Human trafficking for prostitution, forced prostitution and violence related with these activities are most prevalent in areas where prostitution is ILLEGAL!

    Prostitution is as old as civilization itself - you cannot deny it or eradicate it! Many attempts have been made and they all failed!
    What is a good idea in this situatin according to you?!
    Feel free to share your wisdom on the matter with us! Give us an alternative!
    Men trying to hook-up with women is an instinct and I see nothing strange with that! But sitting in a night club without being rich, powerful or at least handsome will not get you any girls, even for a short "encounter"!
    Some are hoping for an easy "hook-up" with a drunk girl - at least that works sometimes!
  16. jarvyjarvison

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    I can't believe there's someone in here vehemently arguing that losing your virginity to a prostitute is okay and even good. Sick...
  17. Themadfapper

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    What do you mean by instinct? I don't think it's a natural instinct for a tribal man. I think it may be conditioned into the modern man in an effort to increase the population
  18. vowed

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    I'm 30. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Hedonistic societies will insist that to be truly human you must have sex, and if you are a man then something must be wrong if you haven't screwed some woman yet.

    Embrace your chastity. Man does not date for sex. Sex is a very complex part of a well established relationship, one that nobody should rush into. It has its proper time and place. Outside of that, it is always deleterious.
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    Dont a simp meet a girl .
  20. Haddock

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    No no and no. I'm telling you this can be a choice. Some people are engaged, they used to have sex together but they chose not to have sex anymore before marriage. In such a case this is not an excuse. You are so convinced to be right that you do not listen (or in that case, read !).

    You asked me :

    I was answering you. As I said, this was my opinion :

    The fact that it is legal does not mean there is no human traffic. It ensures nothing. I live in France where I can see prostitutes from Eastern Europe. But since it is legal, I'm sure they freely came to France to make some easy money with a job they love... (In case you didn't get it, this was irony ;))

    I do not deny that prostitution is the oldest job. I do not claim it is possible to eradicate it. This does not mean we have to be ok with it. The same with drugs. It has always existed and we surely cannot eradicate it. Still, when you buy some drugs you make your dealer richer. You are part of the whole business. If we follow your argument, then a lot of things would become totally ok like : hitmen, pedophilia, torture...

    Hence, saying that X has always existed and will always exist does not imply that X "is ok" (for whatever definition of "ok" you have).

    You are using the classical trick : "You criticize but you do not help". It would be quite efficient If I hadn't already give an alternative ! But since you do not pay attention to what I wrote, you didn't see it.

    So, as I said, find the right girl then marry her. I can understand that other people do not have the same believe than me. Another good situation could be : find a girl for whom you have feelings, be in a relationship with her and then have sex.

    I have the feeling that for you, being virgin is so terrible that one must have sex as soon as possible. The only way to do this is to go to a hooker. Don't you think other people could wait a bit ?

    About your quote of Charles V, this is good. Indeed, learning new languages makes you think another way. I can help you to develop new concepts. It is the basis of reasoning. Mathematicians (I am one) know it well. For instance, thanks to the mathematics (which have their own language), I have a logical way of reasoning. Then, I can tell when your argument is absurd. Of course one can be logical with another background like philosophy for instance. To me, the fact that you speak many languages does not mean you are clever neither that you studied a lot. Moreover, even if you are Leibniz, claiming it to convince people is an argument of authority, which has zero value. The clever people I know are always humble. You are not. So, if you want to learn, first tell yourself that maybe the others have clever things to say you didn't think about.
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