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  1. This is an inner-monologue about how to cope with cravings and what do after relapses

    I've just relapsed so I have a post-nut clarity right now. I want to emphasize this because it is the only time period in which I can express myself clearly. I really miss the time when I can enjoy little things in life, just basic things that makes me feel happy and alive, I really miss the time when I had the ability to focus and to analyze my surrounding, to feel the fulfillment of living the moment. I really miss the time when I can *remember* things... As every single one of you, I want to restore my brain back to its healthy state, and I know it is hard because of PHYSIOLOGICAL barrier that I've been facing. Root cause of all these struggles lies within the fucked-up state of my brain. Whenever I try to quit porn, my brain signals cravings, and they make me think of porn, after that if I feel vulnerable, I'll end up masturbating. welcome the to cycle, with each iteration of it I feel more and more numb, my brain gets more and more fucked up.

    I know that feeling depressed and tired is a withdrawal symptom and that feeling will weakens if I strategically plan my way out, but it is waaaay easier said than done. I can list everything I know to help, but as for now I cannot figure my way out with these techniques: 1.Meditation(I only can do after the morning of relapse), 2.Activating your conscious brain by talking yourself about what you are doing, saying yourself the how much you want to quit etc. 3. Naming 10 things in your room while you tempted to masturbate to P*, 4. Creating a routine and try to stick with it (only if I can...), 5. Understanding your triggers and try not to act upon them, (mine's are: being alone and bored, being in bed with telephone, binging through youtube before relapse or other binge activities) 6. Cold Shower, (I've never used it, but just saying) 7.Socializing.
    I want to linger on 7th one: They put a male rat in a cage with cocaine in it, you know how that story ends up. (that fucker dies while pushing the button for cocaine, it does not eat, does not have sex with female rat...) But when they put rats in an environment with a cocaine inside, but this time they can socialize in that environment, and they do not bother going for a cocaine.

    I will try this, try to socialize, and I will set some measurable goals to which I can trust. and will post another thread after my next relapse (hope not)
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    You should cut out internet at home my friend. This will help you soo much.
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    Too rough