I want to talk to girls again

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by trynaquitpmoforgood, Sep 22, 2021.

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    I'm not recovered from PMO. Not by a long shot, but I really want to start asking girls out. I know my title sounds silly. As I talk to girls all the time! Work, church etc, but nothing on a level of "Hey, I like you, can we go out?" that terrifies me. How do I overcome my fear?
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    Well, it's great that you actually want to make the effort to talk to girls again, that's the first part of the battle won. However, I wouldn't recommend asking girls out yet until you're fully comfortable with interacting with them normally, because if you jump straight in at the deep end, girls wil notice your anxiety and think you lack confidence, which will put them right off you, not to mention that you'll also look desperate if you jump straight to asking them out.

    Initially just focus on making friends with girls, building rapport and getting to know them, and just be the best version of you that you can be, and observe if there are any girls you get along particularly well with, who give you the respect you deserve and who show particular interest in who you are, your life and your interests. These are the girls who are most likely to have an interest in you and be right for you - flirt with these girls first, and aim to ask these girls out, regardless of whether there are prettier ones around, as these are the most likely to be open to being something more than just friends with you and the most likely to react positively to your advances.

    And the main thing to remember is that you've got very little to lose in asking a girl out, and potentially a huge amount to gain. Don't worry about rejection, because if a girl does rejects you, then she probably wasn't right for you in the first place - accept her decision respectfully and move on. Don't worry about what might have been, because you may well meet a far more suitable girl in the future.
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    When you feel that you are a catch and woman will be lucky to have you, you will behave totally different than you are rigth now.
    Keep working in you to be in your best version. A version that make you feel proud of yourselve. From that state of mind is a lot more easy to talk to woman.. moreover.. the better your version is, more woman are going to find you interesting and are going to be more interested in talking to you.

    Work in yourselve, as a product in the dating market, make the best product you can and then go out and let woman that are interested in it figth to bougth it.

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