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  1. Now you are at the Right Place.
    You are new to Nofap or you are Starting your nofap journey again
    This is Long Post but read it Once you'll find it beneficial and if you found it let me know.
    1)Realize how harmful porn addiction is and what you're doing to yourself. Realize that by leaving porn, you aren't missing out on anything fun/good/exciting. Reading all the research, reboot accounts, nofap youtube channels and books in this regard is really helpful. I am attaching a book which I found really helpful.Leaving porn doesn't only mean that you stop watching that particular content on screen. It means that you stop thinking about porn, stop imagining it, stop playing those scenes in your mind, stop imagining it when you orgasm or masturbate without porn. Even when you imagine or recreate scenes from porn in your mind, for brain, its like you are watching porn. You are only going to prolong your reboot further by doing this. I read this somewhere and I feel it really sped up the rebooting process for me in last 3 months. I know this is really tough in the beginning but with practice and time, it will get easier.Be very careful about the stuff you watch especially during your reboot. In real life or otherwise. The hot photos on social media, insta, facebook, random websites. The content you watch on tv, movies, seasons and what not. Stop watching anything that may act as a trigger for you. Besides trigger, this will also make your reboot longer and painful. After your successful reboot, you need to make it a lifestyle. Watching random hot bikini babes on pixels is doing no good to your mind.Find hobbies. Believe me, the extra time and energy you get after leaving this crap, needs to be put into something useful very quickly. Whether it is hitting the gym you have been procrastinating for years, or seeking a real life girl, or improving your skills in some areas or reading a book or meditation. Whatever it is, it needs to start asap after you start your reboot.Learn about withdrawals esp PAWS and how to go through them. Get ready to go through a difficult phase during reboot but KNOW what lies ahead. KNOW that it is temporary and a much better life awaits you on the other end. The longer you delay your reboot process, the lesser the quality of life will be and eventually the more painful the reboot process. This is emergency. Whoever and wherever you are, you have got to start your journey NOW.I have also gotten very close to GOD during this time so this point is for those who believe there is a Creator out there who made us and everything. Get close to God. The code to success has already been given by our Creator. Start praying 5 times a day to begin with. For all others, get close to God, speak to God who is in your heart all the time. I know if you truly approach Him, your journey will become easier.

    2)I was going to put together a more in depth post to convince you why you shouldn’t look/peek. I might do that later, but for now, here’s something for you to think upon and experiment. Take any bottle you have. It’s not heavy right? Hold it for 5 mins. Still not heavy. Hold it for an hour and you will feel its weight, and the longer you hold, the heavier it gets.

    Likewise, looking at that girl on instagram might be harmless and nothing, you say. Or maybe that model with her clothes on, staring at her just admiring her beauty. Harmless you say. But keep doing it,and you will feel the weight of it. The pressure will build up, little by little.

    You might think you’re strong now, and reasoned within yourself, “Nah, this is just a documentary on sex.” Or “Not a big deal. Just a scene of her undressing.” Or ... well I’m sure you can fill in the blank. The more you peek and look, the weaker you get,slowly, incrementally.
    So Stay Aware
    (Note: I read this 2 posts on it helped me alot so i put together this 2 posts and sharing with you Guys.Hope it will Help You)
    Thank You for Reading this.
    Keep Going Guys.
    We can Do This.
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    You said you were attaching a book. I didn't see a book or a title of a book that you wanted to share with us. I'm more than a little interested in that book. Thanks.

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