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    Hi my name is Souvik. I am from India yeah I did fapping for most of my childhood I started it when I was 11 and right now I am 18 years and eight months. Asus about nofap when I was just 17 I did nofap for one month and finally relapsed and I knew that when someone relapses after a long time it just becomes one of the biggest relapse in their life they do it again and again and again it just feels like they are doing it after so many years and they have wasted so many years for the fact that this is completely wrong and this kind of mentality is quite, and I have seen it in a lot of nofap and people that when they relapse finally they had a hard work and most of the people go back or something cannot but whenever they go back hotstar the time period of nofap is going to be shorter than the last one.

    I'm here to tell you about my life story and what are the things I learnt about myself this PMO addiction and what are the things that help me and what are the things that get me into trouble follow this thread and I am gonna tell me about my life and, give you some advice to make your life better.
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