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If WE hold you ACCOUNTABLE, will YOU share your habits?

  1. Yes, I am DRIVEN to become the BEST version of MYSELF.

  2. No, I am still not fully decided that i want to improve myself.

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  1. Journey Adventure Progress

    Journey Adventure Progress New Fapstronaut

    The key to success and also the reason to not achieving it.

    In order to become the person we want to be, we HAVE TO develop the habits that will enable us to gradually start creating and becoming that Ideal/Perfect Self.


    Let's be frank, every one of us has at least some habit that he/she does not like and would like to change. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU have ALREADY started that chain of positive reactions. Now, the KEY is to keep being CONSISTENT.

    We are very intelligent to realize that being a part of such a community will greatly increase our chance of succeeding.

    Easier said than done right?

    As Gandhi says: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world". According to this I would like to share my progress towards NEW, HEALTHY habits.

    Today is officially Day 2 of my Reboot(or I would say gradually new lifestyle). I have done:
    • Work out (Mostly ABS and Cardio)
    • Jogging (Light 15 mins)
    • Cold Shower (at maximum level of cold 3-6 mins)
    • Read a chapter of the book - "Goals" by Brian Tracey (Highly recommend it)
    • Study (for university exams, as that is my main goal stated here)
    • Visit older Family members (grandparents) - one of the Central Values = Family
    Now, I must say that those habits are not "overnight success or decision" that I have made, but rather gradually improved them in the past couple weeks.
    However, one of the most IMPORTANT ingredients for SUCCESS is ACCOUNTABILITY.

    CALL FOR ACTION: Each one that reads this thread is highly encouraged to post his habits(current) and what is he ACTUALLY DOING TODAY in order to make one step closer to his PERFECT (IDEAL) SELF.
  2. Iwannaquitplz

    Iwannaquitplz Fapstronaut

    I have just been working on my habits actually for the past week or so.

    Habits I want:
    - Wake up at 5 every single day
    - Run every other day
    - Work on something productive every day
    - Clean my flat twice a week
    - Always be cleaning my flat instead of being idle
    - Read every night
    - Cold shower (at the end of shower for a few mins)
    - Workout on days I am not running, mainly callisthenics based.

    Habits I am actually doing:
    - all of the above but I haven't done them for long enough to call them habits so I just need to keep at what I am doing and make sure I don't miss a day.

    Can I just make a side note to say one of the biggest challenges to your habits is the other people around you without the habits you have. For example, my uni friends want to go clubbing but I know I will enjoy my morning run first so I don't go clubbing so I can continue with my habits, but if I go clubbing and stop my habits then they are no longer habits and you must work really hard to get them back again.
    So make your habits and stick to them no matter what your friends think of them! (unless they are bad habits like pmo of course!)

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