Multiple bad addictions, which one i must stop first, PLEASE Help!!

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    Guys, i want to ask someting about whay to do, but first please read my story, I have 3 bad addictions which each one leads to triggers another one, those are

    ● Addiction to game ( dota 2) , i know this game from my college friend, 2.5 years ago, and since im getting good at this game, its like i cant live a life without playing this game everyday, because of this game, my college grade falling untill the point my parents will angry and questioning what did i do the whole time in college, LONG STORY SHORT, this game basically ruined my college life because it makes me unsocial and never go out, which before im not like that, i was a very social person, and makes my grades worse each semester

    ● Addiction to cigarettes,
    i cant play dota unless i smoke cigarettes (1 game of dota, i can smoke more than 5 cigarettes, when one day i can play more than 5 games of dota, it means i need minimum 1 pack of cigarettes)
    Then, everytime i'm done playing dota, i feel regret to my habbit when i look back to how many hours i spent useless while also i'm destroying my body health because of smoking cigarettes and sitting down for hours, this regret and self-hate makes me wanna get some instant gratification and then
    ● Addiction to PMO
    Because i wanna feel good about myself, im seeking for pleasure, so i usually surf internet and get into that WEBSITE, and then starts jerking off, after doing PMO, once again i feel regret for what i have done this whole day and start to feel low and unworthy about my self again, and usually i end up laying on my bed the rest of the day and usually, i fuxxing do the PMO again

    What i want u guys to help me out is, is it okay if i just stop PMO first, and then after few weeks or maybe 90 days, i start to quit other addiction ( smoking cigarettes) then quiting Dota

    Or should i quitting those 3 at same time, which i have tried and found very hard. Whats make me insecure is, i feel like its useless if i just Stopping PMO first, while i still waste hours playing game and smoking cigarretes.

    Thank you for reading and please give ur thought
    #sorry for my bad english, this language isnt my first language

    Thanks once again
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    Litsen first cigarettes,gaming and pmo all are connected and they all are dopamine realeasing activities and first of all
    If you can share your problems with your family or friends or have a confidant and then if you attended school properly or are aware of Tobacco the. You'd know the consequences of consumption of cigarettes and as per gaming it's a waste of time and it's all the same thing what's new in that and pmo it's a curse.
    Litsen to me carefully-
    1.throw away your electronic devices(not literally) just keep yourself away
    2.promise yourself that you will never do any of those compulsive things(this is the most important)
    3.Dedicate yourself to your promise and stride and cultivate a culture of discipline yoga and meditation
    5.Find an accountability partner or group
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    You're only 21yo, so ... I guess quitting smoking could wait ... for a bit. If I were you, I would tackle the thing that makes me waste most of my time, that is, the addiction to videogames. Try to look for better ways to take advantage of your free time. Look for a productive hobby like learning something new, get engaged with your studies, ...

    With PMO ... you could try first to shorten your sessions to 15mins, for example. Then, once every two days, once in a week, and so on ...
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  6. The Real JokeErr

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    What you have described here is a pattern; Games, smoking then PMO. You need to quit all at once. Decide a date, prepare yourself and take action. Nothing is tough. Please stop self loathing. I might sound harsh but that's the reality. No one will come from the heavens above to fix you. You have to do it yourself. Quitting one habit won't help, you need to break the pattern. Decide, be strong and change your life. If you can't do it, stop complaining.
  7. fighting men 2.O

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    At the moment u just focus on PMO because once your semen will get preserve your mind will become stronger there is strong link between chemistry of semen and foods of Brian
    So doing Nofap will give u immense will power to overcome your other addiction automatically
    One more advice alongside Nofap add Meditation and some form of exercise in your daily life
    Be Patience with yourself this problem will took sometime to overcome

    So just go strong from now and never give up on this path
    We all are with u
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  9. ClenchedFist

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    Quitting gaming and PMO should be your primary focus right now. Smoking is bad, sure, but other than reducing your stamina, it won't stop you from being social and occupying yourself with things other than games and porn, and it won't affect your mental state like drugs and alcohol. There's a reason why recovering drug addicts are allowed to smoke cigarettes.

    Gaming on the other hand requires that you sit your arse on a chair, isolate yourself and focus on the game for hours on end, while porn is one click away. After you tackle gaming and PMO, as well as the underlying reasons for your addiction, smoking will be much easier to give up.
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    Cut it all out. Replace with some goob habits (get at least 3 new habits). If you relapse, don't be too hard on yourself, but choose only one of the three to do so. If you relapse in more than one addiction, avoid at all costs the third one, that would be like getting to ground zero. Prioritize getting rid of the porn and gaming first, maybe it's all right to use a cig. to escape if you get impossibly overwhelmed.
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  11. Ronaldo Machuca

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    I agree except that yoga and meditation doesn't work for everyone. It especially won't work if you do it alone. Also buying a safe and locking your gaming devices is one way to get rid of them. This guy to me needs professional help where someone can keep him on track.
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  13. TGI9000

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    Quit all at same time. Why don’t you use an e-cig if the smoking is a big deal. I quit porn 5 days ago and it’s going ok. Good luck buddy!
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  14. Espi1971

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    I will offer my personal experience:

    80+ days ago I:

    Quit P, M, and O.

    Quit smoking weed cold turkey, mainly because marijuana was a sexual trigger for me.

    Have greatly reduced my consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

    Have greatly reduced viewing online dating sites, which were p-subs for me, especially when combined with PMO, weed, and alcohol. (Disclosure: I have recently started viewing an online dating site again, this time pursuing my goal of a long-term relationship).

    I have tapered from 2 mg. alprazolam per night to .25 mg alprazolam per night (February 18th will be my last day on alprazolam; after that I'm done taking it for life).

    I stopped all of these at the same time and none of them comes close to matching my newfound sense of joy, energy, strength, and purpose.

    I hope you figure out what you need to do.

    Wishing you strength and peace.
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  15. White Spook

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    you must be aware that those are addictions and sooner or later you must quit those addictions but I will give you my point of view, you must quit what is more harmful to you first, and what is more harmful to you it is usually harder to leave, you must concentrate yourself on your priorities and start to regulate tobbaco and gaming addiction, I think tobbaco leads you to have anxiety and anxiety may lead you to have some damaging triggers, I think no matter what addiction you will quit first, the most important is what is your motivation to do it and how you will achieve that goal so when you take action you will do it as a real warrior, there is nothing impossible, you can fight against this, if you fail one hundred times you need to be enough brave to rise up one hundred times!!!!
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    Thanks for all the reply
  17. Jerseyguy1963

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    So, I quit porn and masturbation on Dec 22. I was done with it. But, I kept feeling like it sucked. Then came the flatline. I felt like shit.

    I had already quit caffeine. Then, one day I decided to quit sugar, too.


    I suddenly realized I was probably going to lose weight and get my muscular body back.

    I was suddenly excited about quitting all three.

    Now, I’ve lost a ton of weight and body fat. I’m looking better and better. I still can’t get rid of the PIED. But, I feel good.

    I didn’t mean to bore you with my own story. It was a way of saying that I think if you quit all three, you’ll feel awesome about yourself and that’ll make it easier.

    You've already said you can’t play without smoking. Every time you do any one of these things, you’ll be triggered to do the others.

    IT’s a new year. Make this the year of the new you.

    You know that once you start going to class, taking notes, studying and then getting A’s on your assignments, you’ll stop feeling like a loser.

    This will fuel your success. You’ll never want to go back.

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