My NoFap journey so far.

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  1. Hello guys (and girls),

    First of all, I'm sorry if sometimes my english is bad because I'm french. I'd like to share with you my NF experience because sometimes I feel like I'm doing all of this for nothing and I guess I'm looking for a support.

    I'm Axel, 20 y/o (21 this year) and I decided in 2017 to make 2018 my NoFap Year. Eventually, I'm looking forward to live a nofap life. I'm on day 52, hard mode. At first, it was very easy. It had come to a point when I couldn't even look at myself in a mirror, I was disgusted of the guy standing in front of me. I wasn't even looking at porn, but just fapping because it has become an addiction.

    From day 0, I've been able to see a lot of changes, as well physically as emotionally. I feel more in control of my body, I'm feeling very good when I'm looking at myself (I think that it's a matter of self-esteem), and I feel like I have more positive thoughts. Also, I'm eating so much better now.

    I've almost relapsed at the beginning of February. I'm a student living in a boarding school so the Internet connection is so controlled that you can't go on any sites, which includes porn sites. So when the holidays came, I was willing to see if porn could have an effect on me, bad idea. BUT I WAS ABLE TO not masturbate. So I don't know if I can take it as a relapse for the P part (I don't think so).

    Now, I feel like my libido is on a rollercoaster. I'm single, didn't had sex for about 7 months now. Since day 30, sometimes I just wanted to tap very hard but I wasn't relapsing. Last week, I was thinking, "f*** it", and wasn't even able to fap, which is a good thing because now I don't feel like fapping anymore. But now, I just want to have sex so bad. Wow.

    So now I feel great because even if I want to, it's like I thought myself not to fap. But I feel so frustrated that sometimes I just feel sad, like something was missing.

    Is there anybody who feels the same ? Or somebody who has already felt like that ? Even if not, have you go advice for me ?

    Edit : Oh yeah also, because it's up to me, I don't consider having sex as a bad thing in NoFap. So I don't consider that having sex during 2018 will be a bad thing. Regardless (I don't know if it's the good word) of that, I would like to know what you think about having sex during NoFap.
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  2. Full ahead

    Full ahead Fapstronaut

    Welcome here!.

    I know how you feel, and this roller coaster feeling is part of this addiction; you may call it abstinence syndrome, and is OK.
    Regarding having sex, I personally think that will not go against no-fapping because we are here to fight the addiction to masturbation (impulsively), pornography and orgasms as an addiction too. If you happen to meet someone and you decide to have sex, I think it will be OK.

    Yes, one is "scared", so to say to loke at oneself at the mirror, and it all depends on how you look at yourself... focus on something else...if you have a hobby of any kind, keep that hobby as a big distractor and you will be fine. Stick to the place an try to read a lot of posts to learn from others' experiences. Greetings !
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  3. LoyalKnight

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    Welcome to this forum!

    I welcome you heartily as a member who is in this struggle since September 2016. If you have any private questions, feel free to PM me.

    It is good that you do not want to fap anymore. But be careful: You will have moments where you will want nothing else than a fap. Everything can be a trigger - girls in IRL, ads with semi-naked women and of course any videos on YouTube with triggering material. You will have to stay away from these in order to win, but I know how hard it is. It required A LOT OF discipline.

    I actually know a good friend for 1,5 years now and he felt the same after every relapse unless he had sex after the relapse. Sex calms his mind and makes urges appear less common.

    I cannot speak from my experience here since I actually never had sex, but there is a valid point on it.

    I am certain that you are going to win, I believe in your success.

    You are going to achieve absolute victory, without a doubt!

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  4. Hey @Axlspath ,

    Welcome to NoFap! You are in the right place.

    I'm just a regular member on here, so take what I say as my experience. I found that I needed to:

    1. Learn the NoFap program.

    2. Get involved with the community.

    The best resource I found was the “Getting Started with NoFap” guide. It is on the NoFap homepage and you can download it for free from this link

    Then, watch this video:

    It is really good and explains so much about how the blasting of porn images into the brain in high definition on high speed internet while slamming porn sounds into the ears with headphones can literally change the way your brain demands sexual stimulation.

    The video explains it better than I can.

    Also, a great page is my experience is that by reading every link and watching every video, I learned so much.

    Then, I got involved with the community. I'm not anyone special on here, I don't have any magic powers. But, I can say hello to new members, post my journal entries, remember to “like” peoples posts, and offer my experience, strength and hope where appropriate.

    Looking forward to seeing you around on the forums,

    --> L

    PS - Think of pmo like a wolf. Stay near the center of the group with the winners and the wolf has a more difficult time finding you. But, stray near the edges of the community and the wolf can pick you off.

    Also, here are a few journals to get started reading. See who they follow, see who is posting on their journals. You will find friends on here if you put yourself out there.

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  5. Hi ! Thank you for taking time to answer me. So as I was thinking, what I'm feeling is part of that abstinence syndrome.. Well, I'm here to fight it anyways, so I'll deal with it !

    What can be a problem for me is the fact that I'm a student living in a boarding school, so I'm always in my room, with myself so I can think about it sometimes.. But I have people with me and just as I'm doing on this site, I'm talking with them about nofap journey, that helps me a lot !
  6. Hi ! Thank you for your answer !

    I'm already feeling what you've described. I feel like absolutely EVERYTHING is tempting me. But I also feel stronger every time I don't relapse to that temptations.

    I think having sex will help me a lot, especially because it's the first time I'm trying so I'm not used to long abstinence.

    Cheers !
  7. Hello, thank you for your advice !

    I find it very complete and I'm sure it will help me. I already started to get involved with the community, which is a very good thing because I can see that we are so many fapstronauts, and next I'll like that TED conference which look nice.

    Thank you again, it will take me time to look at everything but it doesn't matter. Cheers !

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