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My *Sucessful Journey With No PMO for 90 Days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by yourbiggestconspiracy, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. yourbiggestconspiracy

    yourbiggestconspiracy Fapstronaut


    Today, I'd like to share about my 90 Days NoFap experience. Allow me to share a little bit of myself. I'm a young adult in South Africa:emoji_flag_za: and I will be doing my final year in school there after I will chase my wildest dreams. I had a fairly good upbringing. I am 18 years this year.

    I have been struggling unconciously with porn addiction for roughly about 5 years now. The time I became concious was when I began to realise that my porn habits had taken a toll on my body and mentality.

    Discovery Phase
    I began unconciously changing my perceptions about women and masculinity. I had become a lot more lathargic, started getting sick:emoji_thermometer_face: a lot more easier and began being less motivated to anything with my life despite still being young I still saw it as a threat to my future.

    I am a research person:cool::emoji_pill:. If I'm curious about something. I search on Google. I give much of my appreciation to Google's developers for such an amazing search engine.:p So I was curious about my symptoms and about porn and masturbation as a collective. Parts of the internet said it was good and normal and others seemed to disagree. I don't believe off the bat anything I hear. I make my on analysis before I decide what I believe.

    In the midst of that, I stumbled across this website NoFap and decided to view peoples experiences with fapping and porn. I read many forum disscusions and lot confessed having health issues due to exessive fapping and porn.

    Turning Point
    I then decided that I will stop watching porn. Little did I know it wouldn't be an easy task. I entered NoFap challanges. I managed weeks there and relapsed here every so often. There was a period where I gave up. I had to do some introspection and realise certain things before I recovered and continued fighting my addiction. I had come to realisation as a youngin that addiction is not solely limited to drugs and alcohol.

    By the beginning of this year, I had secured a couple 14 days challange and 20 days challanges sucess badges You Know What I Mean. I decieded I wanted to do something ambitous, something big. I then stumbled upon 90 Days NoFap. I was damn that's a long time with out satisfaction.

    First time I tried was a flop. I had underestimated the challange and hadn't kept track of my progress.

    Had a long break befo....


    I was first excited to get a long break from school then the days became lengthier and grew a bit more lonely despite being with family. An inactive mind calls for evil thoughts. I was not about that life so I began evaluating how can I improve or fast track my future sucess using my time wisely.
    I took the decision that I will not masturbate for 90 Days straight.

    I breezed through the first 20 days because I had gotten in the habit to fap after a longer time period. When I got into my 30's. Yohhhh!!! I never seen my body throw so many erections in a day. I was h**** like heck. But being me I ignored it and continued with what I was doing.


    Yayyyyy!!! Finally I'll to see the squad and everything.
    I didn't take into mind I'll be encountering girls (which are not family) after a long time. I am in a boarding school soooo.... you catch the gist. I was within my day 40's and still running hard. It was tricky but I did the most to constantly occupy my mind with something different everytime. No time to be vacant.

    Made it through and it was becoming less difficult but I had to realise that your mind sort of gets cleansed in the process so you won't be triggered easily but when you do it will feel intense (differs amongst people). I managed to get to my 60's, 70's and 80's.

    By my final days, I had come to love and appreciate alot of thing but all the most myself. I had decided to constantly change habits which reap better health benefits and increase my prosperity in my mind and physical. There were benefits to NoFap but eyy its a difficult journey (especially if you don't have sex or staying a virgin).

    I relapsed (fapping only without porn) before 4 days of completion.

    Moral of the story. Change for you to better yourself to care for yourself. Good things are attracted to good energy. Hence the strange phenomenon people somehow experience of increased sexual appeal but heyyyyy!! NoFap is a great place to find support and its a great habit to implement to conserve your bodies supply of nutrients and good health.

    I'd suggest books that helped me during this whole process. Hit me up if you need support or if you need someone to talk to☆☆☆.

    Book Suggestions :
    • Taoist Secrets of Love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia (essential and there's a female version)
    • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    • Atomic Habits by James Clear
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  2. JoeinUSA

    JoeinUSA Fapstronaut

    I reach 90 days myself tomorrow - hardmode no-PMO. It is now an acquired behavior from here on. Best wishes!

  3. yourbiggestconspiracy

    yourbiggestconspiracy Fapstronaut

    I wish you the best brother. I believe you'll make it beyond 90 days
  4. Patillitas

    Patillitas Fapstronaut

    Hey @yourbiggestconspiracy Thanks for share your experience, I read it and it motivates me to keep in this journey and be clean sooor!
    I want to ask about one specific thing: Currently I am reading Atomics Habits by James Clear, because I think that maybe It can help me to beat this fucking bad habit (Watch Porn, Masturbation, etc) How did this book help you in your proccess? Did it help you? Did you apply the lessons from this book to your life, and specific to your Nofap journey?
    I would be really really grateful if you share me the most details of this topic, I have many hope in this book, because I think that If you could understand how our brain works and how the habits operate and shape us, you could beat easier the bad habits and even implement good ones!
    Thanks in advance!
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  5. Hey thanks bro for sharing your story. Interestingly enough, I too am attempting to do 90 days challenge after a few streaks in the past, and I think that reading books such as Atomic Habits like James Clear really help. Through this experience, we realize tat ultimately we are the ones in control of our lives, not our habits. It's how we chose to cultivate our daily actions to further improve ourselves in order to reach our full potential. Again, thanks for your story, very motivating!
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  6. Dogwood

    Dogwood Fapstronaut

    If you like Chia's book you might like a website called Synergy Explorers...when you have a partner. ;-)
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  7. yourbiggestconspiracy

    yourbiggestconspiracy Fapstronaut

    I'll be sure scope it out

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