MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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    •EVENT: The End•
    Part Seven
    Legion stared at the Mystery League in dismay as they walked towards him. They were smiling and joking around, acting as if the war was already over...

    In fact, it was over. Aventus' apparition had put a halt to all of his plans. And now for him to "die by the sword".

    Legion glanced over at Death who stood in silence, spectating the events. Legion still had the Reaper in his hands but it was of no use anymore.... and yet, if he threw away the weapon, Death would be free to use it on him...

    And so, Legion was stuck with a weapon that could do no harm to anyone except himself. And he couldn't drop it, lest someone use it on him...

    The demon laughed quietly and flung the Reaper lazily at Death. The weapon clattered at Death's feet and it quickly picked it up.

    "Alright then. I guess I'll just use my own powers," Legion said, filling up his palms with fire.

    The attack came before Legion could prepare himself.

    Batman flung a Batarang straight at the demon and while he wasted his flames in deflecting the projectiles, M.S.H. and Tiger Uppercut landed a tag-team punch straight at Legion's chest.

    The demon was lifted off the earth and fell roughly onto his back, coughing in pain as the dented chestplate stopped him from taking any breaths.

    And the onslaught continued.

    M.S.H. and Tiger jumped aside, making way for Optimum Fortitude, who stood in distance, aiming a gun right at Legion's head.



    The bullet ricocheted off Legion's mouthpiece, denting it horribly and breaking off one of the demon's teeth. Legion fell flat, spitting blood through the crevices of his armour.

    Nobody was letting the demon make a single move.

    From the distance, Ginny explained.

    "Legion, you're not the only one whose power was rising throughout the challenge. The energy of abstinence is a power of creation.
    If any member of the League desires something strongly enough, it shall manifest itself before him."

    Death agreed.

    "If one manages to anchor himself through the tides of life and remains unmoved by sin, creation itself is possible. Creativity and influence a-bind in such minds."

    Gotham Outlaw chuckled in interest, staring intently at the air above Legion.

    "I don't know what you said right now, but an anchor sounds hella good."

    Legion tried to scramble away but the anchor materialised within seconds. The demon held up his arms and caught it awkwardly as it forced his arms to bend under its crushing weight. Legion's armor creaked horribly under the stress and the demon rolled to his side, letting down the anchor with a loud metallic clang.

    Legion slowly struggled to his feet but the League knew better than to give him a chance. Eleanor took aim and shot an arrow at the demon's leg. It pierced Legion's knee and the fiend shouted horribly as he aimed a finger at her in rage.


    The chains of Cerberus shot up from the ground and wrapped themselves tightly around Legion's arm, crushing his bones and negating his spell.

    Death laughed hoarsely from the distance as Legion turned to face it in anger.


    Death shrugged as if confused.

    "I have no idea what you mean, Legion."

    The demon attempted to pry the chains off but they gripped his other hand as well, wrapping both arms together painfully.

    Death walked towards Legion, swinging the Reaper casually.

    "I don't think we really need any 'Last Words' from you anymore. Not after you attempted to overthrow the Gods and incited all of Hell into battle.

    There isn't a single thing you can say that can help you now, Legion. The chains that bind you negate all of your spells, abilities and incantations anyway."

    If Death revealed its face, Legion was sure he would see a smile.

    "I'll still say something anyway.


    Death brought the Reaper swinging down on Legion before he could finish.

    "I don't care", it said as it watched Legion slowly turn to dust.

    Legion watched as his physical body crumbled into dust and flooded out of his armour. He looked at the League members celebrating and jumping. And he looked at Death as it watched him disintegrate.

    And Legion closed his eyes as the last of his body crumbled away...

    Death turned to face the League.

    "Congratulations, Mystery League. You have defeated Legion and vanquished the Darkness in your hearts."

    Everyone nodded at Death as it took their leave.

    "What now?", Spaces asked.

    As if in response, the skies opened up and a brilliant beam of radiance shot down from the Heavens.

    Within the beam was Hermes, holding in his hands The Trophy of Mastery.

    Everyone's faces beamed at the sight of the healed God as he walked towards them.

    Hermes looked at spaces.

    "And now, we declare the winner of the Mystery League!"

    Majestic trumpets were heard being played from the heavens as Hermes walked up to The Lone Survivors.


    @Tiger uppercut!

    You are the winners of the Mystery League!
    Hermes wasn't finished. He waved a hand and golden medals appeared in the palms of a few other members of the League.


    @Optimum Fortitude
    @What I Do That Defines Me
    @Gotham Outlaw
    Ginny Weasley
    All of you have scored 50 points or more in the challenge and have recieved the
    Medallions of Honour!
    The challenge has officially reached its end. I thank all the participants who stuck around till the end!

    Who will bring Legion to Hades for Judgement?
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    WINNERS: The Lone Survivors

    : Murder of Crows
  8. Wow! That was a good move @Tiger uppercut! And great job @What I Do That Defines Me :emoji_punch::emoji_punch::emoji_sunglasses:

    :emoji_ok_hand::emoji_muscle::emoji_ok_hand: this felt awesome!

    Wow! Congratulations! And I applaud everyones's hard work including @IAmLegion for his awesome work with the efficient running of challenge's hardware and software... lol

    :emoji_thumbsup: Good luck everybody, and stay strong! :emoji_muscle:

    Best wishes

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    Many thanks for your great effort man.
    Thank you and all the participants in this great challenge , hope to see you all in upcoming challenges. Take care :)
  10. Awesome, thanks for everything. You did a great job running the challenge.

    It was fun doing this with all of you. Congrats to Lone Survivors, well done.

    @Ginny Weasley i know you probably wont see this any time soon, but i hope youre doing alright and im still glad you were my partner. Maybe someday down the road we can be in another challenge in better times. Take care.

    Peace out everybody, see you around :)
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    I am honored to have been a part of such a great challenge with all its great participants :) thank you guys for making this a awesome challenge, some unforgettable memories have been made here .a bit sad this has come to an end. @IAmLegion great work challenge Master :).
  12. This was a lot of fun! Thanks for taking over, Legion. You did a amazing job! I’m sad to see it go.
  13. I think it’s over now.
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