New Habits vs Old Habits - What can help?

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    Hello everyone!

    Yesterday, I discovered a great app for habits, called Habitica. Now I suppose, that many of us are into gaming, but even if not, this app is something very usefull. It is like a game, you design your own avatar and start at Level 1.
    But what is the point of it and how can it help me, you might ask.

    Well, you can add all good habits you want to bring into your life and all the bad ones you want out. Everytime you do the habit, no matter if it is a good or a bad one you have to let the app know if you did it. If you do the good ones, you get experience points and money for equipment (I guess later on you can battle dragons and stuff like that), but if you do the bad ones, your avatar loses life and no one, wants to kill their own avatar ^^

    I hope you will try it, I find it very usefull because at the end of the day it is so satisfying ticking the good habits, and so unsatisfying ticking the bad ones.

    Another app for you to use, if you have a problem of staying too much on your phone is Forest. You select a time up to 2 hours in which you decide not to use the phone and in that time, a tree will grow (virtually). If you use your phone, the tree dies and you get either nothing or just a little gold. Now everytime you succed you get more gold and in time with 2500 gold you can plant an actual tree somewhere in the world. Now I know, it could be a scam, but then some wise words from a beloved game of mine come in mind:

    „Never accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see it as it could be!“

    So fellow fapstronauts, let‘s stay strong and get those good habits going!
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    Downloaded, hope this works effectively.
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    Nice! Good luck!