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    Hey Guys

    From last 5 months I'm only eating home foods & almost cut down all outside foods but still I eat chips, biscuits, sweets, ice-cream sometimes

    I'm unknown/stranger about nutrition, victims and all that stuffs. Tell me some juices, fruits, vegetables, nuts & so forth that I've consume daily & add it into my diet to get some good nutrition

    And I read on Nofap semen contains many many nutrition & Im wasting from last 13+ year. As I read many Fapstronauts suggest change ur diet eat carbs, protein, zinc etc but i didn't know about all this things. Suggest me to what i need to consume. And I know we all are different from each other but still I need to try & check it out what suits me

    Note : I don't eat meats, fish ( non veg )

    Help me brothers

    Thank You!
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    First thing I'd do is look for a online calorie calculator, so you can figure out how much you should be eating in a day. Other than that, it's pretty simple. Ensure you eat plenty of fruit & veg. Eat healthy fats (Nuts, Seeds etc), get enough protein - there's plenty of vegetarian alternatives to meat nowadays.

    Other than that, cut out all junk food, food high in sugar/salt & limit alcohol intake.

    In terms of specific foods that are good for you:

    Berries: Loaded with antioxidants, the darker the berry the higher the levels of Vitamins C & E.
    Green Veg: Help protect against cancer
    Kiwi: The most nutrition dense fruit. - Fiber, folic acid, VC, VE, calcium, copper, iron magnesium, potassium & zinc.
    Sweet Potato: Good source of vitamin A
    Whole Grains: Keeps blood sugar levels stable

    Hope this helps :)
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    First and foremost, you need fibre more than you need protein. I doubt there's any medical case of protein deficiency, but there are a lot of cases of fibre insufficiency: constipation.

    If you don't poop well, all those toxins that our body wants to remove will linger more in your intestines (that doesn't sound nice, does it?), until it becomes painful and you'll start to force it out. The forcing out leads to haemorrhoids and that's not a fun thing to have.

    Then you need carbs, a lot of them, because that's what your cells use as fuel; cells don't burn fat, muscle cells don't burn fat. Carbs come in simple and complex form. Simple carbs are the biscuits you eat, the pasta, the white flour bread and simple sugars (white/brown sugar, honey). This type of carbs gets absorbed very quickly by the body, so you'll feel hungry sooner and you'll eat more than your body needs. Complex carbs, such as potatoes, brown rice, wholegrain breads, are more difficult to be broken down, usually contain a lot of other minerals and nutrients and will keep hunger away for longer periods of time, while giving you the energy you need.

    Drop dairy altogether. It's acidic and will use up the zinc that you have in your bones. Most countries with high dairy consumption have also the highest rate of osteoporosis.

    So what should one eat? I don't know, but here's what my days look like, on average (I'm human, so I fail many many times!):

    Tea, bread with a bit of butter (I know what I said about dairy) and with jam. Sometimes I make a berries smoothie before leaving for work.

    Depends what i can find at work, but mostly rice/couscous/potateos with veggies (ratatouille), or a soup with bread, or sometimes Indian vegetarian food. If I bring food from home, it's usually rice with veggies, Japanese style.

    Get fresh veggies (carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, garlic, peas, broccoli, aubergine/egg plant, mushrooms etc.), chop them and cook them in a skillet. Add spices to your liking. Cook aside some potatoes (boiled, mashed etc., avoid deep fried) or rice. Make a nice salad next to your meal (tomato, cucumber, olives, sweet corn, lettuce) and make an easy dressing (vinegar/lemon juice, mustard and a very little bit of oil) and enjoy it. Sometimes I replace the salad with fermented stuff (e.g cabbage), as they contain bacteria.

    Before bed:
    Herbal tea, sometimes I also eat biscuits.

    When I have visitors and we want to eat "fancy", we bake a pizza together from scratch. Make the dough by myself, let it rise while we chat about stuff, chop veggies. Let it cook for 15-20 minutes in the oven and it becomes a delightful experience.

    I also bake my own bread.

    No alcohol. No fast-food.

    I'm not suggesting you to eat what I eat and how I eat, let alone to eat the same thing every day. But definitely a lot of veggies and starches are key. You may want to get some vitamin B12* supplements, but other than that probably you don't need supplementation, if you eat enough.

    *B12 is a bacteria that lives on the ground. In the very long past, humans did not was their fruits and veggies as they do today, so their intake of B12 as good. However, nowadays it's almost impossible to get B12 from the veggies and fruits in the supermarkets, because everything is washed. You can find B12 in meat because humans don't wash the food given to animals.
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  4. Yep u do

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    Use your brain, on the internet you will find something and the next site will tell you the contrary.
    There is no correct answer, nutrition depends on a lot of factors. Eat everything in a good quantity and try to avoid industrial products as much as possible (even their milk is a dead white liquid that brings nothing good, whereas frrsh milk from a farmer is full of good bacterias and enzyms etc that helps you to digest it).
    Meat is good, a caw boosted with hormones and antibiotics who lived tortured wont give you a healthy meat.

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