One more proof that women attraction is REAL

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by SullivanKyle, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Hey guys what's good? I'm here to tell a story about women attraction.

    It's 4am and I just got back from a party in my city. I usually go to that kinda parties at least one time a month. We have a lot of fun dancing with girls. But tonight was a different one.

    Yesterday I relapsed, after a 8 days streak without PMO. I was feeling nervous about that because we know this affect us so much but I've decided to go anyway.

    Well, that was a good party. But I saw most of the girls didn't pay attenction to me. I knew that would happen and I know it's not bro science. A least I was wearing an "ultimate badass outfit" that I got from my uncle and everyone was complimenting me and asking where they could get that kinda stuff. I'll not explaing what I was wearing because it's hard. It's something about the culture of my state so it's not relevant to this post.The thing is girls weren't noticing me. Not even guys. But I had some fun I can say.

    The last time I went to that kinda party, I had a 15 days streak without PMO. I remember pretty well that awesome day. Guys laughing about things I said, girls inviting me to dance, I was so happy and feeling really good. And I remember the girl I have a crush she invited me to dance. That thing exploded my ego. And comparing that day, this night was totally different. Althought this night I invited her and she said she was tired and after 15 minutes I tried again because I didn't have anything to lose just for inviting her again, and she accepted. But that was like I was forcing her to do that. I could see she wasn't happy and not making any effort to dance. After that song a friend of us just invited her and she accepted immediately and she was laughing and having fun. That guy is not a big deal because he's a 50 yo guy married and they're friends from a long time.

    So this is my own proof that attraction is real. For me a least 15 days is enough to start a littlebit of attraction. Maybe for other guys it can be more or less. I had other stories about attraction but maybe I tell in another time. I remember 21 days was really good too for attraction. I keep imagining guys that tells stories about 50, 90, 100 days of nofap. That's so insane. I'm trying to get that but my best streak was 25 days so far.
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  2. nice post ,thank you man , yah ,people sense whats going on ,you can do long streak if you want , i did , so you can surprise yourself too ,all the best in the future
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    Congratz for your streak! Thank you so much.
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    I am on day 8 soon and I don't look for girls, I don't go out, I don't go to parties so girls attraction doesn't bother me even I like women. I build a business. I am interested in how nofap helps in business field while sober and preserving sexual energy. Good luck to you with your journey.

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