One year update (it is possible to turn your life around)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Angus McGyver, Feb 28, 2019.

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    I don't really know in what end to begin when writing this post but I will try to make it as cut-and-clear as possible without having to write pages of boring and mundane reading:

    Last Sunday, an entire year had finally passed on my NoFap-Journey and I must admit that I am very proud of this myself and this accomplishment. As late as 13 months ago, I could never have believed abstaining from PMO for a long period of time was possible, not to mention all the benefits that would be pouring into my life as a result of this.
    My life before and after quitting PMO for good are like night and day and cannot even be compared. So, only to mention a few of the issues and life struggles did I have prior to beginning my NoFap-journey in February of last year:

    -Social anxiety and anxiety in general
    -Addicted to porn, masturbation and lust in general.
    -Thinking poorly about almost everyone and everything.
    -Poor self-esteem, confidence and negative self-image.
    -Poor anger management.
    -Difficulties in dealing with negative emotions.
    -Having a scarcity, neediness and poverty mindset.
    -Lack of energy and motivation.
    -Victim mentality.

    And the list goes on and on.

    In February, last year, I decided to begin a challenge (in order to save a few minutes in the evenings) where I wouldn't masturbate for an entire month. I had only tried once before (two years earlier) and got frightened by the changed and energetic mood it put me into so I relapsed out of discomfort only.
    This time though, I decided to commit strongly and after 10-11 days of abstinence, things started to change drastically. I got a surge in energy, everything slowed down and I felt like all the little things in life were enjoyable and great all of a sudden. These were things I used to feel dull and uninteresting before. And then, the benefits continued and I started to reap one benefit after the other. Here are just some of them I have acquired into my life over the past year:

    -Increased confidence.
    -Loss of water weight.
    -Increase in muscle mass.
    -Increase in confidence.
    -Surge in energy.
    -Increase in penis-size (it looks fatter)
    -More glowing skin and eyes.
    -More nourished and healthier hair.
    -Increased women attraction (and from people in general).
    -Increased social skills.
    -Enjoyment of the little things in life.
    -Looking more masculine and balanced.
    -Renewed interests and hobbies.
    -Revived spiritual life.
    -Increased thickness of backbone.

    I have also resigned from my current mundane and boring job in order to start a new life closer to my hometown where there are many great people and friends around. The goal is to start a business (in the self-development department) where one of my main customer groups will be men who are currently struggling in their lives. I am sure it is well needed these days when many men grow up with single mothers or weak father figures (like I did), are only exposed to female authorities for their entire lives and never have a good male role model in their proximity.

    Lastly, I would like to say, that it is completely possible to turn your life around 180 degrees in relatively short time (like I have done) but it takes a serious commitment and strong belief in yourself and your capabilities.
    Remember that "Every failure is another stepping stone to success"!!
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    How did your penis size look prior to NoFap?
  4. That's awesome also a great write up you truly are a role model
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    That’s very encouraging I’m on day 4 and have a long way to go but I truly want to turn this around and help my marriage and improve my sex life and hopefully put that energy to good use.
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    I love reading these success stories. It gives me hope that as long as I keep up with my recovery things can drastically change for the better. Congrats on the awesome accomplishment and I wish you the best with your new business.
  7. Awesome, brother. Seeing so many people who are saying the same things is giving me this new sense of capability. Not like an amped “YEAH I GOT THIS, BRUH” but a subtle “I want to change and I’m not gonna give up” mind set.

    I’m gonna stop thinking so strongly on the how’s and start focusing on the whys. Because when youre constantly obsessing on “How can I possibly do this?!?” you kind of set your self up for failure... When your why is strong enough, theirs no way you can fail... You don’t need “hacks” or anything like that.

    Your sheer determination will get you there.

    Thank you for sharing your story.
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    It wasn't as wide and thick as it is today. The length on the other hand only seems to differ 1/2 cm or so.
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    Was it like smaller and in a flatline stage at all, if ever?
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    Congrats again for this wonderful achievment ....keep going strong and continue to motivate us
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  11. Oh yes! Thanks a lot man.
  12. Mate please try to focus on all the other positives. The penis part is ok but mainly unimportant.
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    Congratulations brother in your accomplishments! This is great news and I'm very happy that you reached your goals and I'm excited about the new business you intend to start. I wish you all the success in your future ventures!

    Your success post was also very well written. I was glad to read about the real benefits of nofap and how a commitment to this life will benefit us in the long run. Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability! With the commitment we all can do it!

    Thank you for your inspiring post! Thank you for sharing!
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    I totally agree!
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    That should be the least of your worries during your recovery. Thinking about that can make you anxious my friend. We think our P size is at the heart of our survival but it is actually our mental control that is the heart of our ability to thrive!

    Good luck!
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    Well, I remember it being thinner and having issues with a tight foreskin as well. Other than that, I barely had any flatlines apart from a few weeks in August when I slacked with my regular good habits a bit and almost relapsed back again. It is important to stay on top of your game in order to avoid flatlining and keep on fighting the good fight as good as possible.
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  17. Angus McGyver

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    Exactly! As long as it is above 6-7 cm in length, you will be able to use it and there is not too much to worry about. Remember that length especially is not all. A short and thick one is still more useful than a long and very skinny one.
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  18. Angus McGyver

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    Thank you my friend!
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    I would be your customer, I was growing up without a father and surrounded by familly females. Could you please redirect me to your site? (private message)?
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  20. Wonderful story! Happy for you :)
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