P - KILLER TOOLS BIG LIST - Add your tips/tricks used in your fight to block P / stop a craving.

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    I would like to create a big list of killer tools so that we can all print that or have it somewhere and we can always find amazing solutions and create a P-Killer routine to never go to it again and never let a craving controls us! Let us build the strongest Pre-Frontal Cortex reinforcement list ! We are going to kill P !

    Feel free to COMPLETE this list and / or ADD DETAILS of HOW YOU DO IT

    List :

    - Meditation : Pre-Frontal-Cortex-Gym !

    How I do it : (30min morning - sessions of 10min during day - 20min before sleep) one of them is focus on the air of your nose getting in and out for as long as you can, if you start thinking about something else, then congrats yourself for noticing it and come back to the nose sensation of the air) What is yours ? Tell us your story of Meditation !
    Effect : Pre-Frontal-Cortex-Gym ! I feel the left side of mybrain super hot, like super warm I feel it physically and I feel super in control of my state and focus, I have control of the time and the attention, it feels like you are a super hero. I feel that it is super hard to do it after a craving-P-crisis, so Meditation do the exact opposite of P on the brain (just empirical experience feeling). What about you ?

    - Cardio Sport : Oxygen to the Brain !

    How I do it : I do running session 1 every two days, around 50min,
    Effect : some real pleasure of dopamine for the brain, I like to do acceleration to have more rush. After a P-crisis, if I run, I do not feel dopamine in the brain. What about you ?

    - Self development - Seduction - Gym - Humour - Friends

    How I do it : Try to go out to get outside comfort zone and to appreciate the process of seduction and work and reward.
    I try to do Gym to boost confidence
    I try to tell funy stories : smile + joy + laugh : good for the brain
    Give hugs to friends and have fun and share ideas / sports / passions : good for brain
    What about you ?

    Other in the list ( please complete it )

    - K9 + No instagram, no facebook, no twitter, no reddit, no youtube,
    - Socialize with multiple groups friends, sport challenge, gaming challenge, art
    - Hugs people
    - Eat healthy
    - Eat sugar if feeling of Craving
    - Fruit Salad + Jam + Honey : Sugar Shoot
    - Speak with authority to yourself
    - Externalize your P addi. or Craving + Speak to it with authority just speak to your addi and treat her like an external person/thing/demon : "Stop I got you, I will kill you" look for obliquely + externalising
    - Nap
    - Walk
    - Call a friend
    - Cold shower
    - Weight lifting
    - Put iphone in a box with a key, put the key outside your house/building, other side of road far away.
    - Any exercice that BUILD a strong Willpower, essential reading : " The willpower instinct " by KELLY McGonigal, PHD. I am starting reading it and I will post the exercice here. Anyone has tried exerice from this book ?

    Please Bring your experience and ideas :)

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    Me I don't do shit but stay at home. I have Crohn's disease so walking,sleeping,talking,exercise e.t.c causes discomforts, pains and diarrheoa. But I just tell my self I'm going to be the best there ever was and to do that, I must sacrifice this PMO to achieve it. Hopefully after getting back to normal ( went from 77KG to 49KG) I will start boxing again. So yeah my motivation is boxing so fuK PMO BUT I viewed some images today but I won't reset
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    So Yes, you could help us go to the success section and look for the best list :):):)

    here is one I have found : from this amazing guy : (Thanks!) @Never_Return_There

    • Run away when the temptation comes.
    • Praying and reading the Bible.
    • Going outside and walking.
    • Keep saying NO multiple times, until you come to your senses. Sometimes when saying it doesn't help, scream it in your head. If it doesn't help, scream it with your voice if you can.
    • Exercise.
    • Remind yourself who you are, and what are you doing, and ask yourself do you really want to do this. Realize the situation, realize the mistakes you could make and what results would it bring. Tell yourself this : You are in NOfap . YOU DON'T FAP OR RELAPSE, YOU GO AHEAD WITHOUT THESE THINGS !
    • Tell yourself you have come this far, it's not worth it to lose your progress, you can not allow yourself to fail this easy for some stupid pleasure that will make you hate yourself and regret after it's over. Remember the regrets you had after your relapses.
    • Try to imagine yourself and how you look like if you would fap, but from a side point of view. This really shifts your perception.
    • Go drink cold water. Sprinkle your face with cold water.
    • Try to overcome by any means. exclude the relapse thought of your mind, and DON'T SEEK WAYS TO FAP !!!! Don't rationalize and find excuses, show some discipline and will, dont allow a failure to happen !
    • Start doing something immediately, get busy with some job, concentrate on something that will take you away from the lusts and the urges
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    I received two other super great ideas from @NotSoAverageJoe and @Awakening123

    - If the craving has already started then don't sit at one place. Get up and start moving. Do some pushups or run if you can; do some jumping jacks; put some loud music on. The more you distract yourself the better. It's always a small craving that snowballs into a full blown relapse in the end if you let it grow when it begins.

    Tension Release Exercises (TRE) , Very easy and effective , Google/ YouTube how to do them.

    - Whim Hof Breathing
    (super famous, lots of article, look at Lewis Howes interview with Whim Hof, they do it in front of you on a video /podcast / soundclood)

    I also found this super cool method :

    Cardiac coherence, self-regulation breathing exercice. Cardiac coherence : just set a timer and inspire the air for 12 seconds and then expire air for 12 seconds, repeat that for 7min and you will feel a lot more oxygen in your brain. I did it this is super mega awesome. Check out this guy and its TED TALK for the exercice : Dr. Alan Watkins Complete Coherence Ltd
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    Other list from success stories : (Please help us create the best list by reading every day success stories and by finding the best advice ) Thanks

    this from @5even9ix
    • Walk in nature
    • Read
    • Write
    • Dress better
    • Get a top tier haircut
    • Practice compassion
    • Practice Mindfulness
    • Listen to Dalai Lama
    • Smile and laugh
    • Let go and just be
    • Switch from car to bike
    • Give back
    • Accept and Love yourself

    From @MrPrince

    - Watching something triggering for few minutes might be edgy and cause a relapse.... so never edge, even when you don't relapse your conscience will beat you and you will feel guilty... so don't edge STAY STRONG.

    - Once you think you conquered this addiction, temptations comes out of nowhere and start trying to allure you. So never underestimate this problem, it will hit you when you think you are on the top.

    - We should tackle this problem day by day.(Don't Set big goals tackle it day by day step by step)

    - I stopped using Instagram, snapchat , and Facebook (because they were causing my low self esteem and I think quitting these made me avoid many triggers and temptations). Social media made me compare my life with others and that made me feel terrible(which caused me to PMO, since it made me feel happy). Also I used to look at girls pictures everyday on these applications (which made me a horny animal and lead to porn).
    - I found that most of the time I watched Porn it was because I was bored, I had nothing to do, I had no motivation. Porn to me was an entertainment device. An illusion. Stay busy !

    From @EyeTree :

    three things contributed to my success.
    - First, installing the K9 web filter.
    - Second, dealing with my procrastination habit. Yes, it is very related. Learning techniques to help me being more productive and focused helped me avoiding the urge to turn to PMO whenever I tried to do something useful when I was alone. I learned how to gain focus and control my emotions toward tasks.
    - Third, and a very important step, I became a feminist. Yes. I did. And that is one of the most liberating things I ever did in my life. I gained a whole new perspective on society and realized how wrong and one sided it is. I look at women entirely different now with so much more respect and appreciation
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    Thanks for mentioning my writings
  7. @Leonidas_de_Sparte Hi. You asked for my input in PM for your list so here you go. This is what helped me the most. For those of you who only has time to watch one video watch the Ted talk of Jonathan Bricker (the one that I embedded below) called "The secret to self control". It's very much an essence of my method I use.

    Anyhow, the biggest thing that helps me is to be mindful and compassionate for myself. I did discover these methods through Buddhism. The mindfulness meditation that I do is called Vipassana and it is done in a method of Mahasi Sayadaw. There is great Buddhist book about this whole meditation technique called The Manual of Insight. There is a couple of videos where the basics of it is explained by a Buddhist monk:

    On top of that also just being respectful and compassionate in daily life, even when I am not meditating. If we are respectful and compassionate to others then we are so much more likely do it to ourselves. So it's important to be nice to people and thing good thoughts of others. Obviously we can't always control our thoughts. But we should at least try to put an effort to think respectfully and compassionately about others. By meditation we train that mindfulness so we can notice when we are not in positive state of mind and hence have the power to change our focus.

    I get that not everybody is into religious stuff so I will share a couple of videos with you that explains the whole concept from scientific standpoint. Just two ted talks on the method. It is called dialectical behavior therapy, it is a type of cognitive behavior therapy with an emphasis of mindfulness and acceptance. Jonathan Bricker calls it acceptance and commitment therapy, but it is largely the same thing. These two videos are focused on depression, smoking and weight loss but obviously the method is the same as dealing with urges and relapses of PMO, so just replace "depression" and "smoking" with "porn" and what they are talking very much relates to this.

    Acceptance just like mindfulness is a big part of this. If we accept our feelings, and even ourselves as human beings, without any resistance, despite the fact that we might dislike those feelings or things in us, we open a gate. The gate to self respect and self compassion, which are foundations to love. And it's hard to do something hurtful, such as damage of PMO, to one we love.
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    Dang Lenny this is really a big list and it looks like you have more to add.

    You should start your own rebooting website.

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