please help me apply the book atomic habbit to NoFap

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    first rule of breaking bad habit :
    Make it Invisible
    Reduce exposure, remove the cues from the environment:

    1. deleted my Instagram,twitter,snap chat, no raunchy movies on netflix
    2. never be home alone ( you cant pmo if people are watching you) return to your bed only to sleep, do not close the door if you live with your family or friends.
    3. identify the emotion you trying to numb most of the time behind every addiction there is a pain you trying to numb ( mine is loneliness, fear of failure and rejection) feel it analyze it watch it but never judge it.
    4. never bring laptop to your room or your phone to your room ( your room is only to sleep)
    5. .............. am out of idea ................. maybe you can add to it feel free to add to this list

    second Law of breaking bad habit
    Make it Unattractive:
    Reframe mindset. Highlight benefits of avoiding bad habits.

    1. taking a super cold shower twice a day. it really helped me ( my lower body part is numb for like 4 hour you cant fap even if wanted too)
    2. remind your self of the benefits of doing nofap ( i have notes attached to my bed which remind me of the benefits and my goals)
    3. watch a ted x video on the harms of pmo every two days. Why I stopped watching porn | Ran Gavrieli | TEDxJaffa watch this at least once a week
    4. ............. am out of idea ................. feel free to add to this list

    third Law of breaking bad habit
    Make it Difficult
    Increase friction and number of steps between you and habit.

    1. i have 4 P blockers on my laptop and my self phone. disabling 4 apps to watch or visit a website it will take you 3 minutes to disable all of them them ( you will return to your sense by that time) you can be creative by setting password, hiding the apps, the more you increase the steps the better.
    2. get busyyyyyy ( super busy ) go to gym join a club do what ever you like just get busyyyyyy
    3. where do you PMO ( bathroom get cold shower - your bedroom ( enter it only to sleep - never bring laptop or phone there - never close the door
    4. .............. am out of idea ................. feel free to add to this list

    fourth Law of breaking bad habit:
    Make it Unsatisfying

    1.Get an accountability partner.
    some one who will not judge you or criticize you.

    2.Create a Habit Contract. Make your bad habits public and painful
    • resetting your reddit day streak badge from 20 days to 0 is painful
    • i wire my brother 30 dollars every time i fap he dose not know why am doing this but losing 30 dollars while working minimum wage feels like a b***

    3. .............. am out of idea ................. feel free to add to this list

    sorry for bad english
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    I think your rules are good and complete

    Just do mindfulness exercises when triggers arrive
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  3. Hi @Sheba793, all the best to you! If you want to join 'The Matrix' challenge click here ---> 'The Matrix' <---
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