Prevented Spontaneous O in Dream

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Can you control nocturnal emissions?

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  1. happy camper

    happy camper Fapstronaut

    Day 127

    So I was in the middle of an erotic dream and I felt myself at the cusp of O and I stopped it! I friggin' stopped it! I felt the control in the muscle and I prevented myself from spontaneous O in my sleep. I woke myself up just in the knick of time. The dream was highly charged and usually I would involuntarily waste my seed but not this time. I didn't even know this was possible!

    I'm not entirely sure how I did this but I believe it starts with mental chastity though, that is not wasting psychic energy fantasising about every single beautiful woman that passes you by or your crush or whatever/whoever you are wasting time & energy thinking about that is not grounded in reality. Think of it as if you have a daily refill of energy that you can spend on tasks that are important to you. This energy is at 100% everyday when you wake up (probably less if you still engage in PMO). By wasting a good % of that energy on something that will never happen, you are emptying that cache on a futile task. Why waste this precious limited resource and distract yourself from the tasks & goals that will ultimately benefit you in the long run? Short term gratification is not worth the long term consequences. What gives immediate pleasure now will ultimately bring delayed pain. The inverse is also true; what is difficult to do now will ultimately give you the positive payoff in the long run.

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  2. Seraphyasha

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    Yeah, I agree with you. Recently I was having a dream with a sexual advance and I refused it by saying "it's against my principles". I was close to having a wet dream but I just managed to avoid it. I think mental chastity is very important for this.
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