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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by WayIare, Oct 31, 2019.

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    So, I'm really annoyed right now.

    I somehow managed to friendzone myself. Ive been in many situations where I didn't friendzone myself.
    I've even been in a situation where I managed to unfriendzone myself.
    But this one really pisses me off lol. Because I made my intentions clear from the beginning. But she was always busy or just didn't feel like going out that night. Or whatever.
    And of course, after several months, or whatever it is. I get the honour and privilege of hearing that she's on a date.
    There's so many potential areas about being friendzoned that make you crazy.
    You ask yourself did I have no chance from the start and was she just looking for someone to blah blah blah with, did I have a chance but fucked it up? Are you just not good looking enough for her? It drives you crazy because you'll never know

    And they know you're interested. But they start to mention other guys like it's... Justttt part of the conversation and everythings all good.

    That's my rant. God bless. If anyone has any follow up questions or just wants to add to the rant, feel free to.
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  2. I just got friendzoned and in retrospect, now that the emotions are died down, I see it’s a good place to be as far as this particular woman is concerned. She has some serious issues and it would never have worked.

    There’s plenty of other women out there to meet. We aren’t entitled to be accepted by every woman we are interested in. Also see it in a positive light, women that friend zone us are seeing that things aren’t going to work and are actually doing us a favor. We can go spend that extra time on other activities instead of chasing a woman that’s not interested.

    Best wishes to you. Once again this is coming from a person that just got tossed aside for another guy.
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  3. Been there done that to, What you just described is a huge red flag if a women wants to meet you she will make the date or make sure to have another day in mind. Been burned on that one myself, the women that keep dates are keepers sounds like she wasn't that into you it sucks but its true . IF SHE DOESNT KEEP THE DATE OR MENTION ANOTHER TIME SHE IS OUT IN MY BOOK that advice has served me well in the dating scene

    Its her way of saying MOVE ON, women are never going to just come right out and say HEY YOUR NOT MY TYPE DUMMY. She knows the minute she lays eyes on you if your in or not so there was never really a chance . If she likes your looks then it doesn't matter how smart smooth or weathly or not wealthy your are DONT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER THIS, FIND WOMEN THAT LIKE YOU JUST AS YOU ARE DITCH THE REST
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    She was never interested from the beginning bruh.
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  5. skibum71

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    Based on my considerable experience of the fz, get out of the friendzone by telling the woman in question where she can stick her friendship. If she's not gonna give you what you want, move on. Don't take the the 2nd prize of some lame friendship, you don't want friendship. Hanging around like some sad little puppy dog hoping she's gonna change her mind is belittling in the extreme. Fuck that.
  6. Well said
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  7. Win_for_life

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    Lmao still better than me, i got brotherzoned lol. She said she feels protected and safe around me as her own brother. Its that day and today, never talked again. xD
    But i understand your situation, trust me all men have been there some part of there life.
    Sometimes we win sometimes we learn.
    You learnt something dint you ? ;)
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  8. Castielle

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    I mean, I know that's hard to hear, but if she doesn't see you romantically, that's just kind of how it goes. I've gotten rejected by men many times, and I don't refer to it as being "friendzoned" or act like it's a bad thing. They don't owe me reciprocation of my romantic interest. At least she was honest and upfront with you. What else is she supposed to do?
  9. WayIare

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    Hey all.
    Been away Sorry couldn't respond.
    You've all made excellent and fabulous points. Alot of which I already knew.
    I left out an important part. Twice she mentioned us should go do something. But again, everytime I wanted to, she didn't.
    That was why I was upset and why I wanted to rant... At the end of the day if someone digs you as a friend you know what, thats fine and is what it is. You can't hold that against anyone.

    But is it just me... Or do women frequently like suggesting that there could (and this one did) be more.. but the only reason they do that is to make sure you keep coming back. Because they want someone to chat with??? Bunch of bullshit lol.
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  10. Been there before a few times.

    This last gal said she’d love to go on an Alaska Cruise with me. Then next time I saw her she said “No way”. She said she gets sea sick. I asked her about doing a quick day trip and she said “No way”. She had said she wanted to do a seven day Alaska Cruise with me and then it quickly turned into, I don’t want to have lunch with you anymore.

    The gal before that gave me an enthusiastic yes answer when I asked her about going to lunch later after she voluntarily gave me her number. I didn’t ask for it, she gave it to me and said let’s stay in touch. I tried to set a date later on and she gave me a vague respond then ghosted me. Never heard from her again. This is a woman I had seen several times and had gotten friendly with over a period of months. And once again she gave me her number without me asking and said yes when I asked about getting together for lunch.

    A gal before that...well you get the idea.

    I’ve decided I’m not going to get angry or spiteful. Women have a right to change their minds. I have the right to ignore them and find a woman that will be honest and not play games that get my heart and mind twisted.

    I don’t have much of a choice but be around this last gal. She’s the leader of the club I belong to. I have no intention of leaving. We are still friendly and I have no ill will towards her.

    I wish each woman the best and will continue to enjoy life without any hate in my heart.
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  11. WayIare

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    I'd give you 17 dozen likes for this post of it would let me.
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  12. elevate

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    Friendzone is when you aren't able to accept that the other person isn't interested in you in a sexual / romantic manner and you ACT like their friend in a manipulative manner hoping that if you stick around long enough you'll be able to change their mind.

    Friendship is a relationship that has a mutual understanding without any hidden motives.

    You're only in the friendzone for as long as you choose to be. Make your intentions known with honest self expression, accept the outcome, and move on.
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  13. Castielle

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    I mean... it could be that, but I don't feel like you've given enough information for me to judge that girl. You're upset that she said she wanted to hang out? That's what friends do. What makes you think she was leading you on or making you think there could be more? To me, nothing you've said so far indicates she had any romantic interest in you. She's acting like a friend, and you're getting annoyed about her acting like a friend. I don't see what she did wrong, personally.

    And yeah, maybe she wants someone to chat with. How is that a bunch of bullshit? I chat with friends all the time. Everyone wants someone to chat with sometimes. Again, that's not a bad thing, and it's not romantic.
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  14. WayIare

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    She specifically said date once. And suggested going for drinks another. Not typically things done when a man and a woman are just friends.
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  15. Castielle

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    Okay. Well maybe she changed her mind. It happens. It might be a bit annoying, but you just gotta move on.
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  16. Eh, it's a bit different for women vs. men.

    Men are hunters, women are gatherers.

    A chad who rejects a woman is simply saying "you aren't the type of prey I desire." It's rough for the woman, I suppose, but then the man generally displays no interest. Why would he display interest, for he's already (and already was) hunting other targets for dating. Men do not possess enough resources to provide for beta-women, so they generally move to new ground.

    Women do not provide, but instead take, resources. The more resources a woman accesses the better life/survival for her and her children in times of want.Therefore, A woman who rejects a man faces a strong temptation: "If I say nice things to him, on occasion, he may stick around and provide me with some attention." OR "I don't want to hurt his feelings too bad, so I'll say nice things every now and then." Both of these behaviors cause women to gather many beta-orbiter types. Look on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site for women who collect hordes of beta-orbiter types. Are all women that toxic? No, but women's desire to collect an array of people exists deep within the female psyche. Women who collect many followers face fewer challenges in times of need. On a purely Darwinian level women friendzone, even if unintentionally, almost purely by instinct.

    Conversely, a man must use his own resources to provide for a mate, or future mate, so he rarely finds accumulating undesirable beta-females a worthwhile pursuit.

    So, Castielle, this is why men complain far more about the "friendzone" than women.

    Tl;Dr women gather and men hunt, therefore men complain about women who collect rejected "friendzone" types more than women.
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  17. WayIare

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    Hmm well said actually. Not sure if I completely agree with the assesment but the outcomes are allllll true. Women collect in that regard.
    When you refer to men as Chad's... This isn't an incel thing is it? I've heard that term thrown around with that crowd before.
  18. Eh, I'm not really trying to refer to incels. I intended to reference the Chad/Virgin memes that one sees in many corners of the internet.

    I'm using Chad to describe the type of man who receives, and then rejects, a woman's proposition. Most regular men don't often (or ever) receive direct requests for female attention, so I'm making an assumption that men who receive such attention possess certain above-average qualities.

    That doesn't necessarily mean a man looks like the Chad from the Chad/Virgin meme, but just a man who possesses enough unique qualities to elevate his position so women will proposition him for attention/romance, etc.
  19. WayIare

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    Gotcha. Anyways, again... I completely agree with all your assesments.
  20. Thanks! /FunnyReaction.Gif

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