Recovery can hurt you.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Carbon Icon, Dec 3, 2019.

How long have you been on NOFAP and are you Cured?

  1. Under 1 Year . I"m cured

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  2. 1-2 years I'm Cured

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  3. 2-3 years I'm Cured

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  4. 3 + Years . I"m cured

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  5. Under 1 Year, I"m still Struggling

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  6. 1-2 Years I'm still Struggling

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  7. 2-3 Years . I'm still Struggling

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  8. 3+ Years I'm still Struggling

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  1. skibum71

    skibum71 Fapstronaut

    You came on here and basically said, right, listen up folks, this is how addiction works, if youre an addict then xyz, thats because of xyz - basically talking like you know everything on the subject when pretty much everything you said is just flat out wrong.
    Your views are made up speculations about a subject which by your own admission you know next to nothing about.
    As i said, im an alcoholic. When I quit, i was probably a year from losing my job and home. I maybe had 2-3 years left. Ive lost a number of friends from heroin overdoses and many others struggle with on/off heroin use. So yeah, its a very, very emotional subject for me. Sorry if i sound a bit too harsh but i get really, really annoyed when people talk nonsense about addiction.
    Yes of course you are entitled to air your opinion. As long as everyone is clear that you are wrong on virtually every point you made.
  2. geheim

    geheim Fapstronaut

    @Carbon Icon
    I'll have to agree with @modernstore99 "Idk what happened to you bro but you are so whack."

    I don't know if you have smoked too much pot and it had this effect on you, or what it was. But your mind is in a very confused state, so much so that it's quite apparent even from your forum posts. You have to do something about that. You might just feel like I'm some dude on the internet trying to attack you, but actually I'm saying this to help you.
  3. SuperPowers

    SuperPowers Fapstronaut

    Is chocolate porn worse than vanilla:D? Just joking but seriously, is it? ;)
  4. Carbon Icon

    Carbon Icon Fapstronaut

    You just proved my point for me.

    The problem drinker can choose to stop when the consequences get bad enough... for example: "When I quit, i was probably a year from losing my job and home. I maybe had 2-3 years left" . A true alcoholic will continue to drink no matter the consequences, even if it means losing their job and home.

    2 types of people with addictions - your type can be helped by many different methods. The "true addict" must develop a spiritual existence, putting the desires of self and ego aside in order to develop connection and serve others (best method I've heard of to do this is 12 step) . This should be coupled with therapy to address underlying trauma and family systems issues.

    I'm not making this stuff up, it's based on the research of experts in the field. It's your brand of confused commentary that is a danger to the true addicts on this site. Promoting the idea that alcoholics can control their drinking is dangerous. You should not do that, you could kill someone who might have gone the abstinence route of not for seeing a comment like that.

    If you really want to educate yourself on addiction I suggest In the realm of hungry ghosts by Gabor Mate

    Best of luck with your recovery.
  5. Carbon Icon

    Carbon Icon Fapstronaut

    Depends if there are sprinkles on top.
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  6. Carbon Icon

    Carbon Icon Fapstronaut

    Hmm, somehow your insult doesn't seem to be helping me. Do you have an intelligent critique of the argument I've put forth?
  7. skibum71

    skibum71 Fapstronaut

    No. You're the one who needs to educate yourself - beyond watching a few YouTube for an hour. My views are based on a lifetime of having every moment and every decision dictated by my alcoholism. But hey, that doesn't really count for much right? Not compared to your expert opinion on the subject.
    And because I can have a drink every now and then, which blows your half assed "theories" out of the water, you conclude, in your expert medical opinion, that I'm not an alcoholic. Haha, ok.
    You are an arrogant fool. I've never come across such pompous, know it all attitude on this forum.
    Don't bother replying. Believe what you want to believe.
    I'm out.
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  8. Maybe this guy is a pro-porn activist in disguise... (I know... Maybe I have been reading too much conspiracy theories about reptilian overlords etc and it has rubbed on me, lol).
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  9. Porn are overwhelmingly addictive, so this sh*t need to be STRICTLY MODERATED or just ERASED from our lifes. I prefer erase this, sh*t is sh*t.
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  10. bbyblu

    bbyblu Fapstronaut

    You are making a logical Yes, people that are able to quit are able to quit. Anyone unable to quit is unable to quit. Calling one problematic and the other an addict does not make sense. It infers if you are able to quit and did not use 12 steps you are a problematic drinking. And if you can't, then an addict. That doesn't really make sense to me. They, both people that quit for good or relapse, use many different methods, including 12 steps. They all could kill themselves but they quit - again, using different methods including 12 steps. Raging alcoholics have quit, including those about to kill themselves, using different methods including 12 steps. 12 steps is popular and works for folks. There are other methods that have worked as well.

    Potentially you are saying if you have not tried 12 steps, and have been struggling to quit then give it a try - well that is decent advice, but make sure you understand that there are numerous ways to quit and they are ALL successful if you quit, again including the very popular 12 step program.

    Restructuring your life to avoid addiction can also happen outside of a 12 step program - it has happened many times. The concept of a framework, is helpful and so is the concept of a community - both things Nofap brings to the table. Where Nofap falls a bit short, and 12 step programs as well, is that we need to make changes outside of holding a bottle to lips or looking at porn. Fill that time, handle that anxiety, manage that depression, fix that anger, or forgive that shame...Those all take some life curation and restructuring.

    In the end, Nofap provides a place to say 'hey, things are fucked up and I want to unfuck them'. Thats a good first step. Then an outline. Then a community. The rest is up to us, but it helps start that journey somewhere and nofap is a good somewhere. It may be 12 steps, it may be fitness, it may be a therapist, it may be moving, it may be picking up hobbies - who knows but some combination of those things + a ton more on a individual basis.

    If you post started by saying folks that are not helped by nofap should consider alternative changes, not limited to, but perhaps including a 12 step program as a recommendation, that would have been a good suggestion but your posts come off more as a pedagogue...but I don't think you are wrong per se...
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