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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Ag0208, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Hey people,

    The last few months i spend too much time on pages like the red pill.
    I read much about their view of todays women and that relationships are bad and women are bad.

    I always believe in the good of this world, but i think this site has toxicated (is this a word? ) my brain pretty bad.

    So please guys, help me out. One of my life goals is a relationship with a lovely women and i want kids with her and all that stuff.
    But now my brain thinks thats not possible to get and that makes me so sad that i even relapsed because of this.
    Whats your opinion about red pill?
    And about dating?

    I really need my positivity back.

    Oh and sorry for bad language, english is not my first language
  2. I'm pretty sympathetic to those ideas, but I don't spend a lot of time thinking about them or going on their web pages. I find that Red Pill thinking has helped me immensely so that I don't get sad anymore about dating and women. I feel like it offers a more realistic view of the world so that we don't set ourselves up with unrealistic expectations. Could be that you need more Red Pill, not less. According to Red Pill philosophy, it appears that you are having a hard time letting go of your old (Blue Pill) way of thinking, and they admit that is not easy to let go of. It's up to you though what you want to do
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    There's toxic relationships out there. Does that mean all relationships fail or aren't good for you?

    There's bad dating experiences. Does that mean dating is always bad?

    There's bad women and men out there. Does that mean they're all bad?

    There's people who do bad things in the name of their country / religion / race / gender. Does that mean everyone associated with those things are bad?

    You can find the bad in anything to the point of never trying anything ever again. To the point of not wanting to live anymore. Where you're so paranoid and afraid of everything that you live an empty life.

    It's good to have knowledge so you can protect yourself, but that shouldn't stop you from living. Just as it's good to know that electricity can harm you and can also make life better.
  4. Ag0208

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    But their view isnt the realistic one.
    Easy Example, AWALT. This cant be true.
    If it was true, the same should be for men, but i would not count myself into this stereotype.
    I know deep down that the red pill might be the stupidest thing on earth right now, but it still made something bad with my brain.
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  5. Ag0208

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    Thanks, thats a good advice. I think i am actually close to the point of finding bad im everything that my Motivation to live is gone.
    Everywhere is just being spread this depressed and sad view of the world. Love is gone.
  6. I had to look up AWALT to see what it meant, I don't spend time on Red Pill forums or anything. But if they say something like that, it is because they believe that all women have the same biology, which determines their behavior. That strikes me as true (and the same would be true of all men then too). The problem arises when we look for the exception, the unicorn, the One, chasing something that doesn't exist. To me, Red Pill thinking is not sad or depressing at all, for me it has been a big part of the cure of those things. But, I don't agree with everything from it though
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    I think one of the best things you could do for yourself is spend less time online and spend more time outside. Even just taking a long walk through your neighborhood / city / town would be better than browsing these websites for hours.

    Not to oversimplify the matter or anything, but you probably will achieve that goal at some point. I'm just basing that off of statistics. The overwhelming majority of people end up having children at some point in their lives. I guess my advice is simple: just relax and enjoy your life for what it is right now. It'll probably happen eventually.

    Try to appreciate things as they are right now. If you're single, there are some benefits to that. All of your time is your own time, you don't share finances with anyone else, and you're really only accountable to yourself at the end of the day. Once you're in a relationship, some of those things change. Indeed, when you're in a relationship, it's wonderful to share yourself with someone else, to learn from them, and to grow together. However, you also have less freedom, you will find that your desires often clash with one another, and you will feel more invested and thus be less likely to take bigger risks in your life (like moving to another city, for example). I'm not saying it's better to be single than in a relationship or anything like that. I'm just pointing out that each phase of life has its own pros and cons, if that makes sense. Things get even more complicated when you decide to have children. You'll be financially responsible for another human being at that point, which means you'll have way less freedom to take risks with your career, and that's just the beginning of the drastic changes it will have on your life.

    I guess my overall point is that there's no rush to find a relationship with a lovely woman and have kids. That stuff will probably happen to you eventually. I don't want you to wind up as one of those adults in his 50's who just regrets not making the most of his 20's. You're single right now, and I advise trying to appreciate some of the aspects of that while you still can. It won't last forever, and you might find that one day the things that bother you now are the same things you miss somewhere down the line.

    It's totally possible to find healthy, non-toxic relationships in your life. You know that, and I don't think that's quite the point of these websites you've been reading.

    Look, it's easy to get frustrated with being rejected. It's easy to get frustrated with feeling alone, with feeling like you're missing out on something, with feeling like the cards are stacked up against you. I get that. However, it's important to recognize that it's all part of a bigger picture. Your life as a whole isn't a story of rejection after rejection. It's not a story of being alone all the time. It's not a story of never finding someone. It's a story of being rejected sometimes, and eventually finding acceptance. It's a story of being alone a lot of the time, but eventually finding people to share company with. If you don't go through this tough time and learn what it's like to just be alone, you won't be able to appreciate your relationships in the future.

    I think red pill is for people who spend too much time on the internet and have lost touch with what it's like to have a personal connection with another human being, honestly. Take a break from it if you feel like it's toxic for your brain. We aren't living in a society run by toxic women or anything. Sure, there are some pretty toxic people out there, but they're definitely in the minority, in my experience. Go out and meet some new people. I think you'll find that most people are actually pretty easy to get along with :)

    Dating is just a part of life. Sometimes, it really sucks. Sometimes, you end up meeting someone and it doesn't really work out. Other times, it's even worse: you'll meet someone, it feels like things are working out, but after a while you start to realize that the other person is taking advantage of you in some way. So, sometimes dating can really suck. However, sometimes, it's really cool. Sometimes, you end up meeting someone who just meshes well with you. You'll have a lot to talk about, you'll get along with each other, and you'll have a genuine interest in continuing to do things together.

    Dating is a mixed bag. It's not always easy, but I think the cases in which it ends up working out make all the tough times worth it.
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    I see that certain people would rather blame everyone else in the world than accept the fact that the problem is within themselves. MGTOW specifically is no better than Nazis, it's just that they blame women instead of jews.

    If you have social skills, adequate self-image and reasonable requirements to your potential partners, you should be fine. If not, you'll have problems. And if you have problems, you shouldn't blame women.
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    I got into heaps of this stuff, it got quite depressing.

    However, lately I've tried just talking to girls like they're nothing special (I normally keep to myself), and they are mostly pretty cool people.

    Of course there are a few types, the ones that can't put a phone down, or are narcissistic in some way, but there's plenty of guys like this as well...

    There's a version of everything online. But going and talking to real people on the street, classroom, shops... It's the only way to see how people really are.
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  10. Even though I do like some parts of Red Pill and disagree with many of the comments on here, I do admit drawbacks. For example, Red Pill is not particularly helpful for me as a porn addict because it focuses far too much on guys getting as much sex as they can, and thinking like that just keeps me too primed for sexual pleasure (which I turn to PMO for). Red Pill is for having real sex over PMO, which would be fine if I wasn't a porn addict, but unfortunately that's not the case, I have to swear it all off until my attitude fundamentally changes
  11. I use to be red pilled, until I found a different approach.

    Women are just as upset about this whole situation as we are. They're looking for a way out. Women will never admit it, but the majority of them want men in their lives, strong ones that are capable of making decisions. I see masculine and feminine almost like a yin and yang dynamic. Yin dropped the ball by becoming too much yang and yang feels it has no choice but to pick it up.

    I use to blame women for all of this, but I realized something. I wasn't a red pill, I was black: an woman-hating incel. For some reason that I can't explain, PMO addiction causes the niceguy/incel mentality. A few days on hard mode and my hatred of women went away. Accepting anything I say here is extremely difficult if you still PMO.

    MGTOW guys love to think of themselves on the right, politically, but they're lying to themselves. They are more on the left, because they blame women. They blame women because they're weak.

    The best way, that I can see, to deal with this situation is to work on yourself. Get your testosterone levels up and this type of stuff will just roll right off your shoulders. I use to be in the same dark, abysmal, void that you probably call home, but I'm starting to have hope again.

    A lot of guys try to convince women online about all this the completely wrong way. Women are way more likely to listen to you if you have higher sexual market value. This can be a blessing for them when they end up with a guy with his shit together, but is a curse when the end up with assholes, fuckboys, and narcissists. Keep in mind, too, what things are attractive to women. Yeah, looks are something, but not everything. There's a lot of things you can bring to the table to make yourself more attractive to them.

    The best way men can contribute to the solution is to blame yourself. None of us chose this situation, but like it or not we're part of it. You can choose to be part of the solution or the problem. The solution is to get test levels up, lift weights, and contribute to society by being not only strong, but good too. If you want to be part of the problem, blame women.
  12. Thanks a lot for this man. I was just in a red pill binge all day and it made me really sad. Too many toxic and bitter guys. I know all girls aren’t like that. I’m gonna take a walk outside now, my head kinda hurts from all that toxicity and negativity
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  13. I feel blessed by the wisdom of some of you:) I’m trying to work on myself and raise those T levels like you say day by day so i can be part of the solution rather than the problem.
    And I especially like how you pointed out that the way many men are expressing their feelings is not the way to go and that women will be much more likely to listen to a man with high sexual market value. I’ve realized this and my plan is to increase my market value as much as possible through nofap, gym, etc and become the best i can be. And once i get my stuff together and can command enough respect and attention, I can not only find the right woman and teach her the ways, and be a good example and blessing for her, but also be a force for good and help other men out by starting a youtube channel, like elisha long
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    I don't think that people who adopt red pill philosophy are bad people. If anything, I actually kind of pity them because it must feel miserable to feel like society's cards are completely stacked against you. I think spending time outside (even if it's just taking a walk) is a great idea. It'll calm you down and give you a better perspective.
  15. I just don't find Red Pill philosophy depressing, I find it empowering, and helped me out of my depression. If you have a mindset of "why can't I just meet a nice girl" or "I just wanna be nice to girls (and then they will reward me)", etc., sorry but the world doesn't operate that way anymore, and that is why you are depressed because you're still clinging to your old "Blue Pill" way of thinking about things. So more Red Pill is needed, rather than less

    Again I admit that I haven't gone on any of the online Red Pill forums so I can't comment on what is on there, but yeah I imagine there's a lot of angry misogynistic stuff there. But it's just a reaction to all the angry misandric stuff out there. There's a place for anger. It's part of the process of recovery and change. I learned all I know about the Red Pill from reading The Rational Male book series (actual books, not online forums). I'd recommend those as a place to start. But also like I said, I don't agree with everything about it or think that it is something that will be necessarily helpful to porn addicts (even though it's not pro-porn)
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  16. Are you able to use your red pill knowledge on women? I don't know if I could. It seems so manipulative and I already have trust issues from watching one too many MGTOW videos lol. I don't know if I could have any respect for them after that.
  17. I use it to the extent that I'm able to avoid falling in to mental traps that I continually fell in to in the past. It's helped me have more realistic expectations. It's given me a toolbox to be able to analyze situations much better. I haven't been doing any of the pick-up stuff or approaches or anything like that, yet. When you say manipulation, you mean having Game? I no longer see any kind of moral aspect to something like that, whatever works, works. I don't believe in the "just be yourself" mentality anymore (something that's talked about in The Rational Male)
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    Red pill and Rollo Tomassi has brought balance to my life. It allowed me to throw away my rose colored glasses and operate out of reality rather than a bluepilled primary feminine social order. The indoctrination starts so early and before we even realize it men are operating out of it on a subconscious level.

    Like @SuperFurryThing said, I too am not on those boards a significant amount of time. I live my life and the exposure to this knowledge introduced greater freedom from the blue-pilled shackles. Rollo Tomassi needs to be required reading for every Man.
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  19. I read a bit of the red pill philosophy on reddit. Using PUA on women (especially on the good ones) just feels so wrong. There's a lot of it I like, though, like not being a "nice guy." I wouldn't have been able to think of things the way I do now if I hadn't stopped there first.
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  20. Just be aware and what ever the f u wanna do

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