Relapsed!! I’m starting to go back to my old fapping habits

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Rambo2022, May 15, 2022.

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    Hi Guys

    I need some advice on preventing my self from fapping every two days or so.I use to go on longer streaks as well as enjoying all the benefits of Nofap and semen retention. My longest steak was over 50 days.

    What happened was that I lost my benefits. 1 fap session after 30 days of retaining and was edging and watching porn everyday for the last 10 days of this 30 day streak. Then all benefits just left as soon as I bussed a nut. Since then my streaks have been poor and not enjoying life to the fullest.low motivation etc.

    what do you guys think I can do to stop relapsing, Im in my 30’s and it’s getting out of control.
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    Do you have wife ?
  3. engelman

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    There are always highs and lows in motivation. I have noticed my "lows" always happened when I don't eat healthy, sleep less or practice less physical exercise, then I put on some extra kilos and don't feel as well with myself. If you can't resist doing PMO, try to minimize at least the exposure, don't take it too drastically and try also to have a healthy lifestyle in the rest of areas in you life. Reading books about P addiction always motivates me.
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    My advice would be is that in order to overturn the habit, you need to uncover your triggers. Those are things that for all this time have been your reason for acting out. Once you have known what your triggers are, it might be easier to fight off the habit. You need to understand the cycle and pattern of your unwanted sexual behaviour and try to distort it
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