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Are you a warrior.?

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  2. No, I am loser

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  1. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    Day four

    Sad to see my coworker and friends getting married left and right. in my country mariage become a phenomena in this pandemic situation
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  2. Kaveira1418

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  3. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

    Your life is on your timeline. I had kids with my wife after 8 years of marriage. My friends (peers) have kids graduating high school and some have kids in elementary school as do I. There is no one size fits all version.
  4. Shimaxizofavegain

    Shimaxizofavegain Fapstronaut


    Feel solid calmness when walking in public places, talking to people, more open to emotional feelings and pure happiness! Love it so far!
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  5. Risho

    Risho Fapstronaut

  6. PeterJL

    PeterJL Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Day 2.

    Had a hard time remembering to check in, but few urges for either P or M or size validation/ obsession.

    O Sacred Heart of Jesus I place All My trust in you.
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  7. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

  8. Espi1971

    Espi1971 Fapstronaut

    Checking in Day Seventeen.
  9. Suki

    Suki Fapstronaut

  10. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

    Y'all know what day it is! Standing at the Gate to Sparta.

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  11. Malakas

    Malakas Fapstronaut

  12. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    what make me sad is ,, i believe i have chance to do that but i always wasted it all, i wasted my time, wasted a precious person , precious moment.... and i realize it now when i almost hit 30. almost 30 still wasted my time, still watching porn and fap,

    , but i must say that iam grateful to experienced this,, at least i realized and learn from it, because you know ive seen a lot of thing's (especially nowadays) that married isnt the absolute answer for PMO,, if u are a chronic porn user before mariage, then u will still become chronic porn user after it... i mean look all this new genre and community of porn that exploit the wife...its so sick nowadays
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  13. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

    Sure, you're correct that getting married is not a cure for porn use/addiction. I was MO at the age of 12-13 I guess, and I was on digital porn by 21. I had all kinds of gf (sexually active)in the time between 18-24 when I met my wife, and married at 27. Many lost days and hours using porn to ride the dopamine rush and feel that high every single day. Having a serious gf or wife is just another person to connect with and doesn't mean the porn use ends. It could, if we're not addicts, but look where we are, so...

    It is all perspective, but you have many good years ahead of you. I was a kid until graduating HS at 17, and joined the Army at 18. I had a whole career for 22 years and then BAM at 40 I am retired and essentially starting over. My point, is a positive one, that you haven't lost any opportunity to chase any dreams and meet any goals you desire, but yes, you'll have to get off your ass and it will very likely help if you can beat this PMO problem too. I'm certain if you think openly and honestly that in your twenties you've done some good stuff, made good memories, have some friends, etc. and that life has not passed you by. Are you where you want to be(?), maybe not, but you aren't dead my friend so let's shift the thought patterns from negativity and regret to positivity and hope.
  14. Kaveira1418

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  15. Risho

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  16. Suki

    Suki Fapstronaut

  17. MarioVargas

    MarioVargas Fapstronaut

    Dear friends...

    I am back again, unfortunately on the 41st day of my streak I fell, a moment where stupidity won me over, where if you do not value the work you are doing and underestimate it, an imminent fall will come and that happened to me 3 days of reboots, and yesterday I was finally able to keep 1 day clean and here I go ...
    Friends, believe in yourselves and fight every day to be better in whatever you want, I know we are going to be able against this damn unreal and nefarious shit drug.

    Challenge manager please reset my rank : (

    DAY 1
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  18. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

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