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    Self improvement and psychology constantly talk about a concepts which you should be looking from a different perspective: your unconscious mind. You constantly hear the self help content talking about how your unconsciousness becomes self sabotaging and how you should become able to control it.

    The problem is, your idea of the unconscious you is that it is a whole other person living inside you, and thinking that you have to find that inner person as you true self is what makes you chase a phantom. Whereas in reality it is you but blocked from the external world. You see, people always talk about how you have a lot inside of you which affects your life. That is true, but not in the way you think.

    Now, you have to picture your inner self as YOU. Just imagine you, but that you is incarcerated in a self hate prison. So the only way you can get out of that prison is SELF ACCEPTANCE. All of your pain, hate, fear and sadness are the ones which make up that prison. So the way to get out of there is a two step plan you should follow in your day by day.

    Number one is to accept your situation, your past and present, your emotions, the suffering, etc. And number two is letting go, because once you accept what makes you hate your life you can really let go, and start nurturing yourself with accepting who you are, understanding your self worth and loving yourself unconditionally.

    What that will create is called the law of cause and effect, which basically states that your external situation is an effect from your inner situation. So if you get rid of your "demons" and start creating inner peace that will create a positive effect in your future.

    Going a little bit further, that's also the way for you to stop being an overthinker. Because overthinking is a self defence mechanism, it is created to protect you and that mind prison in which your inner self is can't come out. That's why most of us tend to think that we are wearing a mask all the time, pretending to be someone we're not. If you're overthinking you're not present to the moment.

    Meditating on a daily basis (I do it twice a day, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night) and making a habit of shushing your self sabotage ideas will make you present to the moment and your overthinking days will be over.
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