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The Secret To Reach 400 Days + NoFap

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Razielcreed, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. Razielcreed

    Razielcreed Fapstronaut

    I remember my self writing my first post here on nofap , it was a year ago , and it doesn't feeling that long , it feels like yesterday actually , the changes that i was able to make through these last 350 days are tremendous ...

    1.How it all started for me :

    As long as i can remember , i was a teenager in high school , i didn't have any problems with ejaculating or something like that but the thing that i've noticed the most when i was 17 at that moment was me watching too much "P" and as i've been growing , i was walking through life holding alot of negative emotions (guilt-hatred-self nagging , etc) so as i was daily watching this stuff , i tried to stop , and i really tried to reduce my time of exposure but it was in vain , i didn't have the knowledge to support my back in this hard fight.

    I was trying to stop this by myself and this was before i discovered 'Nofap',
    it was fair enough , i had some success , 1 week , 2 weeks , 3 weeks , but the desease kept coming back , the urges , the triggers are everywhere, i had to find some help ...

    2.The Things that got me to where i am right now :
    • Update your mindsets:
    The greatest thing about me when i was young is that if i have a problem , i go search for it on youtube , i stumbled upon every self help community , dating advice , nutrition , health and last but not least Nofap and mark's channel and at that moment i discovered a new dimension .

    Keep your mind focused on the things you want to accomplish , this means that if you want to stop "pmo"ing then you need to be around that "success" vibration , the vibration of others successful people who did it before you , JUST keep watching videos , disgust yourself from the bad habits you are doing by watching documentaries , Seminars .
    Also watch scientific studies about how can "p" changes your brain's neurotransmitters and hooks it for life , also making you feel more depressed , more cravings , seeing women as objects .

    • Stay busy:"THIS WAS HUGE FOR ME"
    I tried everything i could to stop watching "P" butt it really didn't work , the urges are so strong and then i noticed something .. i was sitting around the whole day , after school , playing videos games , watching movies / animes etc , i wasn't doing anything of what the self help videos are telling me to do , i was the same , i was living too comfortable .. i had to change ...
    1. I started working out at home with a book called (method lafay) you really need 2 chairs to make muscles haha .
    2. i reduced the time of my exposure to the internet
    3. i took a 2 week challenge about : staying without a computer. i replaced it with books etc .
    4. i started going out alot and working on my social skills.
    ---> After i started doing all of this i noticed some changes in my body , mind and souls , the urges were there but i was too busy with developing self that i had to forget about them .

    3.What i've learned through this 300 + days NoFap journey:

    I was relapcing alot before i discover self help and NoFap but after i watched mark's videos and educated myself about "p" i was really able to hold my self from doing it through longer periods of time
    here are some crucial points from my experience :

    1. Keep in mind that i relapced ALOT ALOT before i could maintain a constant period without fapping.
    1. the first days i started NoFap challenges were awful , please try not to beat yourself too much , beat yourself up if you relapse but not too much because you will destroy your self esteem
    2. Avoid triggers at all costs SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER FOR A MONTH OR SO
    3. TAKE A 30 DAY CHALLENGE : NO COMPUTER--->Replace it with books
    7. The first year for me was really tiring , KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS A PROCESS AND The changes won't be instant , just be patient , keep yourself busy .
    8. THIS IS HUGE : You will relapse if you'r new here ! but don't take it for granted , KEEP TRYING AND DONT GIVE UP BECAUSE IF YOU GIVE UP YOU ARE DONE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (see section 4 below for the benefits)
    9. Try to put reminders , alarms , stuff that says : if you can't do this then how are you going to become a better men/women ? are you going to stay like this forever ? fighting your urges ? are you going to man up and fight or what now ?
    10. MEN : We used to be warriors , hunt mamuths , tigers , lions and bring food to our beloved families , but in nowadays society we are trying to live a comfortable life and this life transformed us into emotional pus*** , you are a warrior keep that in mind , Are you going to let an emotion , and urge dominate your life ? look at yourself in the mirror , you are a beast , how are you supposed to defend your girlfriend or children another day if an urge is capable of destroying you internally ?
    11. Close facebook (this way you won't get triggers from looking up hot girls pictures etc ) Even The slightest look at a cute girl's picture could trigger your memory of "p" so i recommend going off facebook for at least one month , see if you had some results with this (i did :3 )
    12. stop watching anime/movies/videos games etc ( they all contain triggers )
    13. Start watching self help / nutrition / how to form new habits
    14. Start reading self help / nutrition / body building / psychology
    15. keep in mind that everything you do on a daily basis are basicly habits , you only have to notice what are the bad habits and replace them .
    16. avoid staying up late at night by yourself infront of your computer
    17. avoid playing video games at late night / movies / anime etc
    18. Meditation: i started meditating a year ago and i need to tell you that it's an essential tool to calm down your urges but not only cravings , it makes you more relaxed around people especially in hard times/situations , meditation trains your mind yo become more aware of your thoughts/emotions , i feel like i am able to see the thought/reaction passing by inside my head before i even say it/express it , this is also a great tool if you are paranoid/depressed/over-thinking/introvert .
    19. Beware : Triggers are everywhere , even if you tell me :'' oh man yeah i know but but .. but my Tv.show/anime doesn't have any nudity " yeah i understand i've said that before too , the Majority of triggers that you are seeing everyday and the ones that are stimulating your brain are Passive/Unconscious , i mean you might be right , there are no triggers in your tv show but even the slightest nudity/bikini/kissing scene you watch could be a triggers you "p" memory , in two words it's : Passive consumption .// you can come back to your series or video games when you are healed from "p" .at least that is what i did, i cut out everything .
    4. NoFap and Self Help BENEFITS :

      • crucial point : what you are going to experience in different NoFap stages ::

      • Stage one :
    ----> 1 week without relapsing : you will feel extremely proud but beware you'll probably relapse after this because the habit is still deeply hard wired in your brain, it's okey if you relapce because you are in the process of replacing your bad habit , try to babystep it , build it bit by bit .

    ----> 2 weeks : you will notice that you are more social/or a feeling of enjoyment when communicating with others , especially the other gender (not everybody though)

    • Stage two :

    ----> 1 month : for me : no acne / more social / more testosterone

    • Stage three :
    -----> 3 months : the major benefits after this period is feeling great , good posture , loving life ( you will still feel the urges in this period so beware )

    -----> 5 months : i'm still thinking about the NoFap challenges and in this period you will notice that you have more energy to do the things that you want to do in your life ( the urges are still there but not really a big deal anymore

    • Stage Four: if you are here then congratulations your porn addiction is gone completely

    ------> after a year or so like 300 + days : you will notice that you are neither thinking about the challenge that you took "the NoFap challenge" nor how many days you've made it without pmo'in , and you will notice that you've forgot about it completely , the urges are gone , just beware not to go back to P again , the habit is gone , and you will feel like a
    new PERSON again :!! , today as i'm writing to you guys i feel really great about myself but i'm focusing on other stuff right now especially self development and dating etc

    it all comes down to you becoming who you want to be and inspiring others , lifting them up to keep going through their journey .

    Remember : your are here for a short period of Time so try to make it epic , Every moment counts !

    this is 'Raziel' 19 years old , signing off from nofap.com to continue His self development journey . PEACE

    ---------------if i can do it , you can do it too :!------------------

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  2. Calm

    Calm Fapstronaut

    Nice post Raziel thank you brudda! :)

  3. Musta

    Musta Fapstronaut

    Well done bro, well done...
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  4. Examined Life

    Examined Life Fapstronaut

    "Try to stay busy" is not good advice. You should not distract yourself from your problems. If you don't face them, soon or later they will reappear, and if at that moment you can not distract yourself for whatever reason you will lose.

    As with any problem in life, distracting yourself doesn't solve it. It's like putting makeup to hide unhealthy skin. Or drink your problems away. Not a long term solution.

    Do not repress your urges. Watch them and don't react. This is the only way to disempower them. Practice meditation to develop this skill.
  5. TemporaryUsername3892

    TemporaryUsername3892 Fapstronaut




    I'm your 7th subscriber on YouTube :)
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  6. buzzlightyear

    buzzlightyear Fapstronaut

    Thank you,

    Did you lose friends?
  7. BushidoWarrior

    BushidoWarrior Fapstronaut

  8. feo1966

    feo1966 Fapstronaut

    I agree that trying to suppress thoughts and urges only makes them stronger.
    You need to be "on the look-out" for them. But, I have also found that it is VERY hard to hold a sexy image in my head and not react to it. So I don't really want to keep the thought in my head too long.

    So, what I do now is:
    • Accept that urges /thoughts will come up any time, when I least expect them. I don't get annoyed when the show up.
    • I redirect my mind to something positive. i.e. I don't really suppress the thoughts, I just calmly redirect towards something such as Lovingkindness meditation.
    • This redirection is creating a new healthy pattern to the initial urge. ie.... the urge is a reminder to do the Lovingkindness meditation.
  9. M_U3

    M_U3 Fapstronaut

    Your post in my favourite and probably i'll read it every day, what a masterpiece you accomplish here, you are respected sir and also you respect yourself more, Ambition is the key for your success i think, i wrote my first post yesterday and i'm very happy to catch this post after my first day, i lost 14 years on masturbation and i'm very very sad about losses i faced because of conquering my privates in so awful disrespectful ways,

    please reply me with mark youtube link, and check your channel also
  10. tskone

    tskone Fapstronaut

    wow, this is incredible.
    this is a huge motivation boost and your points validate a lot of the thoughts i was having about recovery.
    great post ...
    thank you so much :)
  11. I'm Spiderman

    I'm Spiderman Fapstronaut

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Well explained.
    Well writed
    and very clear.

    To Favorites
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  12. Jokerzgottayou

    Jokerzgottayou Fapstronaut

    First of all congratulations .
    Your experience is really inspiring bro .
    I will make habit to read your post everyday it really motivates me .

    Thanks for posting it .

    God bless you and may your dreams come true .
  13. Thank you so much for sharing. It was very helpful :)
  14. Pavel

    Pavel Fapstronaut

    Thanks for sharing bro! good info! good life!
  15. Sam Filipek

    Sam Filipek Fapstronaut

  16. jieseba

    jieseba Fapstronaut

    Awesome! can you recommend some great articles or videos about nofap to me?
  17. Razielcreed

    Razielcreed Fapstronaut

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  18. jieseba

    jieseba Fapstronaut

    Thank you very much! actually I'm a chinese who has addicted to porn for many years, I will translate the articles and videos into chinese, then maybe I will share chinese nofap experience with you, but that need some times because of my unskilled english.
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  19. kevinkevin19

    kevinkevin19 Fapstronaut

    This is a very good post! I hope to reach at least 90 days of NoFap success. I'm currently on day 6 :)
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  20. muscleup

    muscleup Fapstronaut

    Think this is a good advice.

    Notice and name.. Feel that the urge might be there, that does not mean you need to give into it!
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