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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. I’m Buddhist now and

    not anything else religiously

    I just want to like yeah idk tho

    I still do a god affirmation from

    Brahmacharya book

    it was too helpful for me idk if I wanna

    toss it

    caught up with an old friend

    but I’m running on fumes now

    Gotta reset the counter to just masturbation and porn and keep going from here. Still haven’t done porn so that’s good. Alright. I don’t want to go to the meetup with people drinking. It’s too sketchy for me. Look what happened after just reconnecting with a friend who masturbates and I’m just like giving it a try again. I’d probably end up drinking or having a difficult time stayin sober if I hit the bar with a group.

    dang I was the man on gamequitters in that I did a one year streak plus. And sobriety I did well too one year straight in AA and maintain. Here I’m just a low class warrior going up and down. Setting the bar so high for myself and just failing. Setting the bar at no porn no masturbating now. May I follow through on no ejaculation or orgasm too. :) but just no porn NoFap for now
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    Day 10 closer to being an Elite Warrior.

    I must confess that the whole week I have had mental fog, sleepiness, full procrastination, etc all the symptoms of PMO without it. But today I felt a lot better, also I got obsessed and cleaned the house while I was working. The floor looks a lot better now. I have felt somewhat depressed the whole week, maybe because I am confined, maybe because well I cut my dopamine preferred source.

    Have a great day everyone and have a good training.
  8. Keep trying chi!
  9. There was a moment last night where I

    felt like I didn’t feel much like living

    then I got back on my

    positive affirmations and felt better

    Saw an old friend and she’s so nice to me

    tell me I’m handsome and deserve to be

    loved and cared for S2

    she’s older though so we wouldn’t date

    I got a second hang out this Sunday with Jules!

    cools! Hehe

    Sam at the gym has so many guy friends

    I felt kinda awkward trying to go talk

    to her while she was with them

    or even one other guy idk

    but if it’s just her then sure I’ll say hi

    she’s cool

    but idk I don’t wanna like get all into her or something she probably has a boyfriend if she’s that social and good looking. Cmon. One girl at the gym was preening sorry to use that odd word but she was like adjusting her clothing hair and sitting up better and kinda looking over to see if I’d say hi. But I’m recovering from overdoing it on pushing to talk to girls. So I just left and trained martial arts.

    my power is coming back to me now as I regain my streak. China is still talking to me so that’s wonderful. So is Dreads. Sally agreed to phone call tomorrow night but haven’t heard back from her on exact time. She works a lot so maybe she’s just busy? Either way it’s fine. Hehe. Shao has not texted me. Bummer. She texts back but doesn’t ever text first so. Meh. Not gonna waste time on that.

    also I’m not resetting my streak unless I masturbate with my hand on it or hump my bed till I retrograde /ejaculate. But still I’m aiming to not hump any inanimate objects or masturbate or ejaculate wet dream or even fantasize!
  10. Ya go train man we got this
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    Day 95
    5 more days Z Warriors!!!
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  16. Woo level 1

    I talked some girl into being friends

    I am persuasive!!!!

    I am Asian persuasion!!!!



    Also I said hi to three girls at the gym. My balls are officially huge XD

    Not getting that kinda good vibe from them aside from the front desk girl but who knows what’s up behind her eyes. Like she could just be being nice cuz she’s at work. Shrugs

    oh well no big deal. The girls are way cuter on hinge when I swipe at this time. Idk why? Guess ill just only swipe at 5-7 pm

    phone call with boho tomorrow and date with Jules. Although is it a date if we split bills? Whatever

    she’s so cool how she’ll split tab with me. No use crying over spilt relationship or potential tho. I think it’s maybe best that I don’t be funny but I’m not sure.

    :/ I am fun for sure but dunno if I am funny. I am good but not sure about being th Best

    also I’m eating a crazy amount of food. One big meal a day. That’s it. Woah for vegeta San.

    2022 goals
    Friends 3
    LPC license
    Awesome to gain 3lbs+ muscle
    Girlfriend 1
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    Day 11

    I have had stronger urges and many times in the day I thought that the streak is over, but I am still here training to be an Elite Warrior.

    Have a great day.
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